Saturday, October 30, 2010

Were half way there!!

Thats right, were officially at 20 weeks! I cannot believe how fast the past 20 weeks have gone, and can only imagine how quick the next 20 will go! Especially with all the holidays coming up, our baby girl is going to be here before we know it! It's becoming more noticeable that i'm actually pregnant, not that I just had a huge lunch, thankfully. Even my belly button is starting to flatten out, which I didn't think would ever happen, I wonder if i'll ever be lucky enough to do that neat quarter trick. My neat weekly email update tells me that i'm popping out more because my uterus is now about level internally with my belly button, this makes sense to me, because I am starting to lose sight of my feet. I told Brent he is possibly going to have to start helping me put my socks on in a few weeks, she really hates when mommy bends over and squishes her, and I don't like her pushing on all of my internal organs.

This week our baby is starting to be measured in a different way. For the first 20 weeks she is measured from her head to her rump, which this week is about 6 1/2 inches. From here on out she will be measured from her head to her foot, which is about 10 1/2 inches. So if next week she seems to have made a huge growth spurt, she did, they added her legs into the equation. Baby girl is also almost a full pound!!! Which is seriously weird seeing how I've gained almost 10 lbs by this point... she should really weigh more I think. But that could be just to make me feel better. She is now also swallowing amniotic fluid more every day, helping her develop the amazing skills she'll use when she comes into this world in just a few weeks. I am always so in awe as I read the weekly updates, there are so many neat things that take place every week, and I cannot believe how much her developmental skills are working now. I cant wait to see her tiny lips move when she eats, and for her to blink her eyes and take in the world every day. I wonder if she'll sleep with her mouth open like her daddy, or all curled up like me. I wonder how long she will be, or tall, I'm sure we'll have a gorgeous girl with super long legs, Brent is already preparing to have to keep the boys away. We both wonder what sports she'll like to play. Brent and I both loved baseball and softball, so i'm sure that will be at the top of her list, but around here people tend to like Soccer more, so we'll see which athletic activity captures her interest. Brent is also so excited to be able to take her hunting with him. A couple weekends ago his hunting buddy brought his little girl, and Brent was just gushing about how fun it would be to hunt with his daughter in a few years. She will truly be born and raised in Idaho I guess, but I don't think we would have it any other way. 

I'm really going to try to remember to get some belly shots in today. I think I've grown enough in the last 2 weeks to warrant an update. Check back later tonight or tomorrow to see if I've succeeded. 

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