Thursday, July 31, 2008

I tried uploading these pics earlier this week, but was unsuccessful. So, here they are, finally! After shots from our home makeover...

Below: the front with trim
Our red door!!!

Our cute new doorbell :o) (if you saw our old'd understand)

And this is our bush! we have a row of them by the sidewalk, kinda like privacy bushes but this one is sooo pretty and all in bloom right now with purple and white flowers! I just had to share it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lewiston trip/ Anderson Wedding!

This weekend two of our best friends were married, Marci Morscheck and Josh Anderson! They were one of the first couples we met here in Boise and we have enjoyed becoming so close with them over the past 2 years. So, Saturday morning, Brent and I packed Abby up and headed north, way north, 5 1/2 hours later we arrived in Lewiston for the big event. It was a very, very long day, but it was worth it. We had such a wonderful time being apart of their big day, and were so blessed to have witnessed such a special and sacred event. The Bride looked stunning, she was so happy, the first time I saw her at the hotel she was crying because she was so happy! I also helped the Dittrich kids (the 3 children I nanny full time for) get into their outfits, Josh and Matt were the ring-bearers and Maggie was the flower girl. She didnt quite make it down the aisle, but she still looked adorable. The day was perfect, the heat held off, which is rare in lewiston, it didnt rain, it was just great. Unfortunately, I started to try to take pictures and realized our camera's battery was dead! I was so upset! but our great friends took many pictures, so hopefully we'll get those soon and I'll get some posted.

We also had the luck and were blessed to get some time in with my cousin Stephanie today before we left as well! Steph's daughter, Bella, was our flower girl at our wedding last year. Her Husband, Ben, Just returned from 10 months in Iraq, he is only home for a few weeks though, he has another several months of his tour to finish. They drove up to Lewiston from L.A. Thursday and Friday to see his family, so we were able to spend about an hour with Steph and Bella. I was so happy! Hopefully, we'll be able to see them again when they drive back down.

We also found a very yummy new restaurant in New Meadow (just north of McCall) on the way home, we were exhausted and starving, so we had some BBQ at Sagebrush BBQ on the main street through town. it was sooo good!!! They even let us sit out on the patio with Abby at our table, we were the only patrons eating out there, but it was still nice of them. try the potato skins, incredible!

Overall we had a wonderful, long, tiring weekend! The trip was worth it, but we are truly glad to be home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exploring the Owyhee's

Above: Brent and I stopped somewhere in the Owyhee's. It was so beautful, absolutely breathtaking!

Brent taking in the amazing views! This spot was about a 5 minute walk from our campsite, and it was amazing, 300 degree views of the Owyhees.

Abby and I sitting on top of a ridge along our 6 mile Hike

One of the breathtaking views from our hike

My mountain man hubby

I truly enjoy our camping trips now, even when I know that they are more of scouting trips for Brent. I usually end up just trailing him up and down hillsides watching for elk or deer all day... but I have fun. Abby loves it, she could live her entire life on the mountain. This trip she actually was coming back into camp one morning with Brent when I heard him start yelling at her, she ran past going 100 mph. She had seen a Buck in our camp, just walking buy, enjoying his breakfast, she got about 20 ft from it when he realized that Abby was coming after him, I guess she chased him up the next hill and into the woods. Not exactily what Brent wants her to do, but she was very protective and proud that she had chased off some wild animal. Good girl Abby.

Just a little about our babies :o)

This is our family. Lilly is our precious cat, who we adore, she's our escape artist, she can open almost any door in the house just trying to get outside. she can be the sweetest cuddler, or the most feisty attack cat ever! we love her. In this pic we had just adopted Abby, our adorable puppy! She was just about 7 weeks. She has been so wonderful, such a smart dog, Brent's hunting companion, and our lovable 15 month old, 80 lb lap dog. We are so blessed!

Below: Lil loves this spot! she usually is trying to get Abby's tail when she lays here, but sometimes, it's just perfect for a nap!

She also is soo weird! she loves to drink the water out of our cups! she will squeeze her head as far as she can just to barely lick some water up! so funny to watch!

Abby thinks she's people sometimes. This is actually how she sits on the couch if Brent and I are sitting there as well, she just leans on the rest and sleeps, I dont think i've ever seen a dog do this.

Abby sharing a drink from the hose with dad.

Loving the fish mom caught! she just kept licking them. Whenever we go fishing she sits and watches for a line to bob and if you stand up and say something she is right there because she knows you have a fish on, she loves it!!

Abby with her friend Sadie(on the left). We had the pleasure of having Sadie for a week, after Sadie's family watched over Abby while we were in hawaii. They love to just play and get along so well!

Lil in her cave and abby trying to cuddle, this is usually how it is, Abby will lay down with lil and lil will get up and leave, but occasionally she will stay and just let the cuteness happen.

I could not find Lilly for a couple of hours, so when I went to put some towels away, there she was, fast asleep on the middle shelf in the closet, so adorable.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kauai Family Vacation

The view from our front porch, amazing!

Brent and I swimming in Queens Bath on the North Shore

Myself with Fath (left) and Sarah overlooking Weimea canyon

Beth and I hanging out on the boat trip of the Na Pali coastline

Here are a few pics from our recent vacation to Kauai, Hawaii. We were lucky enough to spend 10 days there in June with our family, Brent's mom and dad and brother, and his Aunt Michelle, Uncle Doug and their girls, Sarah and Faith. We had such a wonderful trip, it was truly hard to come home!

Brent, Faith, Sarah, Dane and myself Hanging out in the ocean at Anini Beach on the Northeast shore. The water was so perfect!
Brent and I at the Luau at the Princeville Resort

The girls at the Luau with our Lei's Our whole group after a fun day of Zip-Lining

Brent and I visiting the Kiluea light house

Brent and Dane after a morning of spearfishing in front of our house

Sweat Equity

The house just after being wrapped

The front of the house halfway torn off

Over the last several weeks Brent and I have been putting alot of elbow grease into our first home. At the beginning of June we purchased and installed (ourselves!) new vinyl windows throughout our entire house! they look amazing! and they cut out noise like no other! We have yet to trim them out on the inside... which Brent keeps saying we'll do soon, he just needed to buy a router first, and borrow a nail gun and table saw, etc.
I'm thrilled about our newest addition! Last weekend we had new siding installed on the house! Brent's dad Jim, and brother Dane, drove over for a long weekend and some hard work. and Brent's cousin Luke came over to help as well. Brent and I started and finished ripping off the old siding the friday night before they arrived, it was so much fun! but I could tell how old and disgusting our siding really was! it just snapped and crumbled into pieces as I pulled on it! insane!
The next morning we went to work cutting, fitting and installing the new siding, first wrapping the house (to keep the bugs out??) and making sure everything was sealed and protected, then getting the siding up. Next came the trim.... that was fun, I made a trip or two to home depot to pick up things that had been "forgotten" or cut wrong. Then came the caulking, this was the stickiest job I have ever done I think, and I didnt use gloves! I just spread it on bare-finger and all, by the end of that day my hands were numb and tingly and I was ready to be done with all of it, but we had more... Painting!
So, for the last week, I have been out every morning I have off (because thats the only time cool enough here to do anything!) painting the house a light tan, and the trim an off white color called "Nude". I'm still not completely finished, the nude is going to need a second coat for the best effect, but it's getting there! We also painted our front door red! Well, I painted our front door red, lol, Brent just said whatever. It also needs another coat or two of paint, but overall, it looks incredible! such an improvement! It looks like we moved into a new house! I am so proud of the work Brent has put into our home, and so thankful for Jim and Dane's help as well, without them we would still be out there cutting, nailgunning, and driving each other nuts trying to get it finished! All I can do now is keep painting until it's finished, then move onto the next project... A new deck perhaps??
The work station at the front of the house
The hubby nailing the siding on, and good ol' dad enjoying a drink while the boys work....
the best way to do it.

and...were on!

Well, I've been debating starting up a blog for awhile now... but I wasnt sure what could warrent a blog. Well, I've decided that being so far away from our family is enough of a reason for me. so here goes!
Brent and I are happily Married and living in Boise as of March 17th, 2007! Our Wedding was so perfect, I couldnt have asked for anything better! Brent actually moved to Boise shortly after gradutating from Gonzaga in May of 2006. He fell in love immediately! I, unfortunately, had 3 months of Massage school to finish, and had to stay in Spokane for the time being. 6 hours is alot, and he took Lilly, our sweet, adorable kitty to live with him as well! so I was, needless to say, lonley and ready to be with him in Boise. That happened in mid-August, when I finially graduated and took the 6 hour trip to my new home. I loved it, our cute little apartment, the friends Brent had made while I was gone, everything about Boise, we loved. Then, 2 months later, we were engaged, it was so wonderful, we had wanted to get married in the early spring, and that was 6 months away! We were not sure it could be done, but somehow, we did it, my mom and sister and Brent's mom were a huge help! I'm sure they hated going on my cake tastings without me... something that has to be done when planning a wedding long distance. But it was worth it. That St. Patricks day was rainy and grey, a perfect Seattle day! I'll let the pictures do most of the explaining, and i'm sure there will be more stories to follow of the big day, but this is enough to start.

Standing at our beautiful alter, built for us by Brent's dad and grandpa Neely

Our Amazing cake!!! Red Velvet and Chocolate Marble, yummy!

My Beautiful Sister and father in law

My daddy, walking his little girl down the aisle


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