Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

I want to wish all of the daddy's out there a wonderful and blessed fathers day!

And to my own husband, and new father, happy first fathers day hun! You have been amazing so far with Stella, I could not have asked for a better partner in life, and a better father to her and our future children. Watching you love her, and cuddle her, and make her smile over these past 3 1/2 months makes me so happy. I appreciate all that you do for us, and all that you are as a husband and father. Stella and I love you. 

And a very special happy fathers day to my dad. Thank you for all that you do for us. For being an awesome grandpa to Stella, and for loving Brent, Stell and I. You have always been an incredible dad to Pammy and I, and I love you so much for it! 

And to Brent's dad, Jim. Thank you for being so loving to Stella as well. And for raising Brent to be the loving and amazing father he is now. He gives all of his credit to you and Beth, you truly raised a remarkable man. 

Happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Friday

I was just reading up on Flashback Fridays and was sad to see that this will be the last week that Christopher and Tia host the event! I've unfortunately only joined up a few times... mostly because I forget, then realize when its too late... that's just how my brain works now. But today, I want to link up in honor of their last time hosting. This was one of the first fun blog hopping type events that I joined, many months ago, and I truly wish I had done more. So here is my flashback, circa 2004. Mexico with Brent and his parents. We had a wonderful time in Cancun and Tulum, and I really hope we can make it back there soon.

This was new years night, I could not believe how my camera captured this picture, and these fire dancers were incredible!

The cheesy bed pose, but this was a pretty sweet hotel room, it was a full circle! a totally round little condo!

My goodness we look young!!

On top of the tallest Myan ruin in the area, what a view!

Brent's parents on top of the ruin, Love the canopy views!

Sneak Peek!

Last week I took Stella for a special 3 month photo shoot with Nikki over at Nikki Hoover Photography (which we will affectionately refer to as NHP in all future discussions or posts :) ) I had wanted to surprise Brent with some special new pictures for his office for Father's Day, but cant decide which pictures to get, so I told him he could pick. We'll get them ordered and framed, and he can add some pictures of his beautiful daughter to all of the duck hunting and deer hunting photo's that line his wall at work. 

So what do you think? Isn't she growing so fast!! She's so adorable! and when she wasn't looking at the camera she was flirting back and forth with Nikki's youngest son, Weston, who had the most adorable smile and flirty wave for Stella whenever Nikki was trying to get her attention.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Were Listed!!!

I am so excited to finally be listed on Top Baby Blogs! I never really thought I could compete with the big blogs, but finally built up the nerve to apply, and was approved! If you're visiting from TBB, welcome! I am so happy you stopped by to check us out! and if you are a regular follower and love our blog, we would love you right back for clicking through and giving us a vote :)

Happy Blogging!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Button....

So I was just checking things out to make sure everything on the blog worked and linked up properly... and figured out that my blog button doesnt work! I'm so sorry if you've tried to grab my button and were redirected to photobucket... when I first made it I tested it and had no problems... I'm not sure what happened when I must have published it. I think I fixed the problem and now have a working blog button that actually DOES redirect to A Snapshot of Our Life, YAY! So, feel free to grab my newly working button. And, if you display my button on your blog, please let me know so I can add your button on my blog love page :)


Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 Months and Growing!!!

Today you are 3 months old!! You are growing so fast, and have changed so much in the past 13 weeks! You are such a happy girl now, smiling constantly at mommy and daddy, and even people you meet for the first time if you're in the mood. You squeal with pleasure when you see big smiles or when someone pay you special face to face attention. You are such a chatterbox!!! We sit and talk for hours throughout the day, and if we are distracted, you screech and let us know you were not done with our conversation. I have to admit, you make mommy laugh constantly throughout the day, with your many noises and faces you make, you're one hilarious baby girl. You've taken quite the leap on many levels over the last few weeks. You now wiggle and squirm your way all over the place, using your super strong legs to push yourself up and around on the carpet, daddy and I have to watch you carefully to make sure you don't scoot your way into the couch, or make it too far across the room. You also roll back and forth, from your back to sides easily, and once or twice to your tummy, we're thinking you'll be rolling around the room in no time. We are trying to get you to sleep on your own, for more than a couple hours at a time. Last night you actually slept in your travel crib next to our bed, for 4 hours!!! Mommy was so happy!! Hopefully you'll be going almost through the night very soon, with just one feeding in the middle, that would be perfect! Your body is also now absorbing almost all of the food you get from mommy, which means you have taken to only pooping once every 7 or 8 days... which at first scared mommy and daddy a lot, but now we kinda get it's normal, and you're thing, and you're still growing and doing just great, so were not too worried. You love your bath time, and baby massage every evening. You love to snuggle, love your naked time, and love the mirror. We cannot believe how much you've grown and changed so far, and how fast you're developing mentally and changing physically! We are so excited to see what this 3 month of life brings with you, and what changes you'll make over the coming days and weeks. 
We both love you so very much baby girl, 
Mommy and Daddy

Spending your 3 month birthday on Jayson and Lindsay's boat on the Owhyee Reservoir 

You LOVED the boat!!! And your life jacket, thankfully!! You took several naps, usually lulled to sleep by the jetboat engine and the bumps on the water.

Chillin' with daddy on the boat, you were so freakin' adorable in your little life jacket!!!  Daddy forgot to get a picture of mommy with you, but that's ok, we'll get one soon hopefully. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Love Advocare!

I am very excited to share that I am now a distributor for Advocare! A friend sent me a sample of her "mommy energy juice" of choice, Spark, and ever since that first glass, I've been hooked. With the lack of sleep, trying to keep the house up, my not being a napper, and just overall general exhaustion, I was really needing something to get me going, give me more energy, and help my focus. I have found this in the delicious flavors offered in Spark! So far my favorites are Mandarin Orange, Cherry, and Fruit Punch. The other flavors offered are Pink Lemonade (which I have yet to try), Citrus, and Grape. I like to add a splash of Lemonade or a slice of lime to my drink also, it's so much more summery this way! 

This is my stash, I send out samples of my 3 favorite flavors, so if you're interested, shoot me an email or leave a comment for more info :)

I've also started drinking the meal replacement shakes when I feel slightly hungry but don't want to fix a big meal or need something to hold me over until dinner, they are yummy too! Surprisingly not very chalky, like most mix shakes or protein packs are. I ordered them for my sister to keep at her desk at work, she is in an extremely busy season at work right now and often works through her lunch, some days only drinking coffee all day... which is not healthy at all, so hopefully she likes these shakes and finds they help her make it through the day while still providing the nutrients she needs to not drop a ton of weight like usual during busy times. 

If you're interested in trying a sample of Spark, please feel free to comment, and/or email me, I just need your address and i'll get one sent out. Or, if you'd like more info and/or to order, you can just click here to go to my direct sales site

The "Snapshot" part of this blog, and some blog hopping love.

First off, WELCOME ALEXA BLOG HOPPERS!!! I mean to say this every week, but dont normally get a chance to, so here it is, I love having you here, and hope to check out all of your blogs and send some blog love back!

So, on to the part about why this blog is named "A Snapshot of Our Life".
I had fully intended to have this blog be full of pictures one day. Pictures that I took, that Brent took, and others took of us... but it's been tough with the little around. I also have been slightly discouraged by not knowing how to work out DSLR camera. I really need to get the manual out and read it, cover to cover, to help me learn what some of the not-so-well-known buttons and knobs are on this thing. We have a Nikon D3000, and it is awesome, I just don't know what i'm doing, but i'm working on it. My dear friend and much loved photographer, Nikki Hoover, gave me some great tips the other day on how to take better pictures. She told me to take 100 pictures a day. Of anything. Of everything. Just take pictures. So, That's what I've been doing the past few days, taking pictures of everything, mostly Stella, but a lot of other things also. Today I will share with you the raw, unedited photos, partly because my demanding little one doesn't allow me much time to post, let alone edit, so i'm doing this in kinda a rush... oh how I long for the day that she will go to bed early and I can spend a little bit of time blogging every evening, but for now, I squeeze it in while I can. and trust me, i'm not complaining, I love this little girl, I just wish I could share more adorable photos with friends and family of her :)
So, here goes, some of the best of my 100 photos a day, over the last 3 days,

nom nom towels, she's chewing on everything now

So Tired!

She was waiting for me to throw her bumper
our strawberry plants are producing!

and some berries that came off the plant

The beautiful planters my mom planted for/with me for my first Mothers day, I love them!

A Mule deer shed Brent found in the Nevada mountains

I kinda love this picture, Abby came right up and stuck her nose in my face, how could I not capture it??

Lilly lounging just out of the sun's reach

Napping baby on the back deck, loving the shade on a sunny day

more daddy snuggles

we have one happy baby on our hands...


there's the smiles

and some giggles came with this one

see how her tongue is curled? she's screeching haha

and now just talking

and more excited screeching

so cute!

now just some bubbles

very focused on the camera

my super happy girl


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