Thursday, June 9, 2011

The "Snapshot" part of this blog, and some blog hopping love.

First off, WELCOME ALEXA BLOG HOPPERS!!! I mean to say this every week, but dont normally get a chance to, so here it is, I love having you here, and hope to check out all of your blogs and send some blog love back!

So, on to the part about why this blog is named "A Snapshot of Our Life".
I had fully intended to have this blog be full of pictures one day. Pictures that I took, that Brent took, and others took of us... but it's been tough with the little around. I also have been slightly discouraged by not knowing how to work out DSLR camera. I really need to get the manual out and read it, cover to cover, to help me learn what some of the not-so-well-known buttons and knobs are on this thing. We have a Nikon D3000, and it is awesome, I just don't know what i'm doing, but i'm working on it. My dear friend and much loved photographer, Nikki Hoover, gave me some great tips the other day on how to take better pictures. She told me to take 100 pictures a day. Of anything. Of everything. Just take pictures. So, That's what I've been doing the past few days, taking pictures of everything, mostly Stella, but a lot of other things also. Today I will share with you the raw, unedited photos, partly because my demanding little one doesn't allow me much time to post, let alone edit, so i'm doing this in kinda a rush... oh how I long for the day that she will go to bed early and I can spend a little bit of time blogging every evening, but for now, I squeeze it in while I can. and trust me, i'm not complaining, I love this little girl, I just wish I could share more adorable photos with friends and family of her :)
So, here goes, some of the best of my 100 photos a day, over the last 3 days,

nom nom towels, she's chewing on everything now

So Tired!

She was waiting for me to throw her bumper
our strawberry plants are producing!

and some berries that came off the plant

The beautiful planters my mom planted for/with me for my first Mothers day, I love them!

A Mule deer shed Brent found in the Nevada mountains

I kinda love this picture, Abby came right up and stuck her nose in my face, how could I not capture it??

Lilly lounging just out of the sun's reach

Napping baby on the back deck, loving the shade on a sunny day

more daddy snuggles

we have one happy baby on our hands...


there's the smiles

and some giggles came with this one

see how her tongue is curled? she's screeching haha

and now just talking

and more excited screeching

so cute!

now just some bubbles

very focused on the camera

my super happy girl

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klcmaher said...

I am so going to enjoy your blog! What a sweet baby! I followed, and would be honored to have you check out my blog sometime.


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