Sunday, December 19, 2010

The home stretch

Yesterday, this baby in my belly officially turned 27 weeks gestation. The 27 week mark also officially means I am now in the 3rd trimester! I am so excited to be entering my last few weeks before we get to meet our baby girl. She is now just over 2 pounds! and about 14.5 inches long. It's hard to believe how big she is getting in there! I love Brent's reaction the most to the weekly emails we get, he always holds his hands up to see how long she is, and his eyes get so big, and he pats my belly and tells our baby girl to keep on growing, she's not done yet. She's rapidly adding healthy fats to her body, filling into her skin and becoming a plump baby girl. Her eyelashes are growing this week also. The biggest things happening now along with her accumulating fat, is her lung development. She will continue to breath in amniotic fluid, which will help her lungs develop so that when she finally makes her grand appearance she will be breathing in fresh air on her own. The email says that if she were to be born now, with medical help she would be good to go (after a couple month stay in the NICU of course).

I have been feeling our baby girl move a ton lately, she has a lot of room in my belly, and is making the best of her warm space. My favorite thing is probably when she hiccups, which happens at least once or twice a day now, it's only for a few moments, then the flips and kicks settle into soft rolls and she falls back to sleep. She has her very active times, usually after dinner, and when I get in bed and lay flat on my back, and sometimes early in the morning, around 6 or 7 am, usually when Brent wakes up for work, she likes to move around and wake me up and let us know she knows were awake. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Baking... or is it Nesting??

I had the baking itch this weekend, so yesterday I went to the store and loaded up on all the essential baking needs, flour, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, chocolate chips, etc... and today, I'm baking.

Our morning started out with me making these

Yes, they are from scratch. and just about 3 hours after I started we were finally able to enjoy them. The rising part took a bit longer than I expected, even after I had read the recipe last night, I still didn't get up early enough to have them for breakfast, so they were dessert after lunch. and oh my are they delicious!

I also made some yummy cream cheese frosting to glob on top, I don't consider it a cinnamon roll without a ton of frosting lol, it's so much better when melted down inside each ring... yum!

Brent finally admitted that this "nesting" thing is pretty awesome... especially when he benefits with cinnamon rolls, and his favorite cookies. Those favorite cookies? They happen to be Chocolate chip, coconut, oatmeal cookies. more ooey gooey goodness. 

I'm not sure what else I'll make today, Brent is now requesting Chocolate Snickerdoodles... I think I can handle those. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Our baby girl has a crib! and her room is so close to being finished! Brent and I tore apart the desk this morning, which was actually quite fun. I loved using the sledge hammer to break it up! until Brent came in and told me to take all the screws out first lol... oops! So, he finished demolishing the desk... I wasn't allowed to touch the hammer anymore. So instead, I hung up our babies girls first outfits! They are so cute! Thanks Mom! She's going to be the most adorably dressed baby girl ever :)

Here is the crib!! We ordered this from Restoration Hardware back in August, so it's been in the garage all wrapped up for the past 4 months, I'm so excited to finally have it up and in the nursery. It really is beginning to come together, I just have a few more things to do, or more of a long checklist of little things, It should make the next couple months go by quick, I hope! 

Lil loves the nursery, she sits by the door each morning waiting to be let in, so cute. 

I picked up this adorable mini chair at TJMaxx Home-goods a few months ago, It's so tiny, our baby girl will be able to fit into it earlier than most of the other kids chairs I've seen. I cant wait for her to sit in here and flip through her books, I realize it's still awhile until that will happen, but it's fun to think about! 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first Cloth Diapers!!

I just had to share this because i'm so excited! I love, a site that has daily deals for moms and kids stuff. I check it out every day when I get the email of all the new goodies they are offering. This morning I was particularly excited when I opened up that email, Fuzzibuns were on sale!!! Brent and I have fully committed to cloth diapering and were just talking about how we really need to start stocking up on them before baby girl gets here. I have a list of diapers I want to try, I will add it below just for fun, and Fuzzibuns are at the top of my list! They are so cute, and have such fun bright colors, like these 3 I ordered this morning,

Crushed Berries Perfect Size Diaper Grape Perfect Size Diaper 

I am so excited to put these on our baby girl, she is just going to be so cute!! and I am so thankful to have this option, It is wonderful to help out our environment and keep a lot of plastic out of our landfills. Brent and I hardly use our garbage anymore, and we hope to keep that up once baby girl is here, we still plan to recycle everything we can, and will do our best not to be wasteful. So, here is my cloth diaper wish list, I hope I can check some of these off this list before she arrives in just a few months,

Fuzzibuns Perfect fit ~ sizes small, medium, and large ~ any colors and prints, they are all pretty darn cute.
GroVia ~ any of the all in ones or one size,

A Guest, Snow, and a pop of color

 Last week we had a guest over the Thanksgiving holiday, Abby's good pup friend Sadie! She stayed for a couple of days while her family was up north with their family. We had a great time with her here, Abby had a friend to play with all day, which made us realize that we may someday be able to get another pup, just not soon. We do plan on getting another pup when baby girl is somewhere between 2 and 3 years old, Brent and I agree that getting kids a puppy is one of the best presents ever, but he doesn't want Abby to feel any more displaced than she already will with children around, so we'll wait. Anywho, while Sadie was here, it snowed a little bit each day, never more than an inch or so, just dusting's throughout the week. The dogs loved playing with Brent every day when he got home, so one afternoon I snapped these fun pics, they are not great since the dogs were jumping around all over the place, but they still show how much fun the girls had with Brent and the snow.

Sadie was infatuated with the tennis ball, I'm not even sure where it came from, Abby doesn't have tennis balls... but somehow Sadie found one in the yard and toted it around the rest of the week

Lilly was less than thrilled with the snow and the dogs running all over the deck making so much noise

The only smiling shot I got of Brent, the rest were scowls, his back, the finger... delightful huh

Here is Abby waiting on the above mentioned tennis ball... so intent and focused


Last night Brent and I had to run a couple errands after dinner, when we got out on the road, a light dusting of snow had formed on the roads, making people weary of driving which was causing a ton of traffic for 7pm. This morning we woke up to this! Almost a foot of snow had fallen overnight. It sure is beautiful, but I didn't leave the house today, I wasn't very trusting of other drivers once I heard about the 39 accidents that happened in less than 3 hours... scary. Brent had to drive to Twin Falls in this, He had to be on a site late morning, so he left around 7am, and once he got out of Boise and down the freeway an hour or so, there was only about an inch of snow on the ground, so it was a pretty easy drive for him, I pray his drive back is just as great. 

Now for a pop of color! We are one step closer to finishing baby girls room!! This weekend Brent hung up chair rail around the nursery, I was going to do stripes, but got overwhelmed with all the taping I would have to do, i'll do stripes later... We still wanted a bright splash of color on the walls, so scroll on down to see what we picked,

I love this blue! it's more of a turquoise/teal-y blue, but it is so fun and adds just the right amount of color that we wanted. I realize this is a little girls room, but were not huge on the pinks... so were sticking to the blues and greens, we love them. I am also almost finished with the fun fabric stitch rings, they are turning out pretty cute I think, I need to adjust a couple of them, and add a few more little details, but it's nice to have something up on the walls. 

I also hung this sign up last night, "All because two people fell in Love" is something Brent and I had wanted to put in our baby's nursery before she was even conceived. She is our miracle, and would not be joining this world if it weren't for the love Brent and I have for each other. My mom found this adorable sign in a little shop in downtown Sumner, Washington, and it is perfect. I should have panned out on it, but figured it will get photographed plenty once the room is finished, right now it's just a plain wall surrounding it. I hung it in the corner where the rocking chair is going to go, which I thought was pretty fitting, since we'll probably be hanging out in the corner a ton in just a few short months. 


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