Saturday, September 25, 2010

15 weeks

Time for our weekly update! This week is pretty neat I think, so many big things are happening! Our babies lungs are now starting to develop, he/she is moving amniotic fluid throughout it's nose and respiratory tract in order to help with development. Our babies legs are now longer than it's arms, and all the joints are working and moving. Also, the eyelids are still fused shut, but they react to light. So, if we were to shine a flashlight on my tummy, the baby would most likely move away from it. Neat! 
This week I am still very tired, but feeling better. I'm also still having headaches, which i'm getting annoyed with. But, Headaches are better than constant nausea I guess. I'm also getting more and more of a belly every week. I'll be sure to post an updated picture in the Belly Shots page. It's getting more interesting trying to sleep through a full night, I cant ever seem to stay comfortable in any one position. I'm constantly rolling from side to side and back to modified tummy, unfortunately I cant seem to move around without waking up. Ahh well, I guess it's just preparation for when the baby comes. Which, I cannot believe, is just a few more months away.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Thanks for teaching us to set such great examples!! 
We Love You!!!

14 weeks

I am Finally, Officially in the second trimester!!! Hopefully this means the next 16 weeks will be full of bliss and i'll not have anymore morning sickness, exhaustion, sleepless nights, migraines, or any of the other fun first trimester happenings. This week our baby has made some major milestones. His/Her facial expressions are starting to function!! Our baby can now squint, frown, and grimace, working out it's facial muscles as he/she moves from one expression to another. Also something I've definitely never experienced... the baby can now pee inside of me!! This awesome new happening means the babies kidneys are now functioning on their own, which is truly amazing to me. I am still blown away to learn of individual organs and body parts functioning on their own so early in this babies life. Incredible. Our baby can now also suck it's thumb, and make a fist with his/her hands, which he/she wont even realize they have for another 8 months or so. 

As you can see above from the lovely lemon picture, Our baby is now about 3 and a half inches long, and weights about 1.5 ounces. I'm kinda glad this last growth spurt is over... I'm exhausted! Every time the baby grows significantly during a week, I feel completely drained, and no amount of food or sleep can keep me going for a full day. There are so many more growth spurts still to come i'm sure, but for now the significant ones of leveling off. The baby will grow at a steady pace from now on, and I sure hope that means I get my energy back. I have a beautiful nursery to start putting together. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

13 weeks

Today I am posting on time, woo hoo!! I'm 13 weeks today. Which means that I'm starting to finally show, I have a little bump. I've been reassured it looks actually like a bump, and not like I'm just getting chubby or had way to big of a lunch. Big things this week... our baby has fingerprints!!! He or she has it's own identifying  feature finally, that no one else in the world will have. What an amazing development! When baby is born, we will have these little fingerprints and their little footprints framed, and hung on the nursery wall. I cannot wait to see his/her little fingers and toes! Our baby is just about 3 inches long, thats quite a growth spurt over the past few days, 1 full inch in a week is a big jump! No wonder I've been so tired and achy. All my energy is going to growing the person inside of me, which I am more than happy to assist with. 

I'm starting to notice my tummy is growing, which means more itchy skin and aches and pains. Sleeping is becoming more uncomfortable, I cannot fully lay on my belly, which is making me sad and restless at night, I love sleeping on my tummy, so I now sleep modified with a pillow under one whole side, so i'm angled up off my belly, this helps me sleep much better. No movement on the inside yet, at least not that I can feel, I do feel twinges more often, but nothing like the little flutters I've been told it feels like. I cant wait for our next appointment, I hope we get to have another ultrasound, if so, I'll be able to update with another fun picture. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a work in progress...

Just a quick note, Please bare with us over the next few days... I've been trying to make some changes to the blog and finally have an afternoon to get something done. So, Things might be changing quite a bit on here, if the site is down, just refresh or check back, I'm hoping to be done soon! If there is anything you would like to request be added to the blog, please comment on this post and let me know. I'm learning as I go, so i'll try to make it as spiffy as possible :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 Months!

Seriously!?! It's been 12 weeks since this little person started growing inside of me, I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going by! next thing we know we'll have a baby! :) So this weekend Brent and I were at Elk camp up above Donnelly, ID. He is hunting with a friend, (who reads this blog more than most of our family I guess, Hi Jason! :) and I went along because it was a long weekend, Labor day weekend, and I didn't really want to stay home by myself. I did end up having to come home tonight, Sunday night, on my own, because I have to work tomorrow. So, I dropped the boys off at the top of the mountain, and was on my way home. Anywho, that all is completely besides the point of this post! Saturday, while we were in the mountains, our Baby turned 12 weeks! So i'm a day late posting, I feel like I post late every weekend... but, I guess that just means we keep our weekends busy. So this week, our baby is the size of a plum! Which means he or she is now just over 2 inches long! and weights just about a half an ounce. 

A couple of neat things this week, one is that my tummy is finally starting to pop! I have a feeling this means my uterus is finally correcting itself and moving toward the front of my belly, instead of resting against my spine, like it has been. As for the babies development this week, he or she now has intestines! They are growing rapidly, and starting to move inside the babies abdominal cavity, where they will continue to grow as the babies belly grows around them. One of the biggest developments this coming week will be the babies reflexes!! the fingers and toes will begin to move, eyelids will begin to flutter and clench, and our baby will begin to make sucking movements with it's mouth. What amazing feats these will be for our baby!! Apparently, if I push into my abdomen too much, or poke around my tummy, the baby will start wiggling in response to the pressure, but, I wont be able to feel it, That wont happen for a few more weeks still. but, that is something I cannot wait to feel!!! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So, I thought nesting happened at the end of the second trimester... not the end of the first? I had been itching to paint something for weeks! So on Sunday, Brent finally relented and went with me to pick out some new kitchen colors! We picked up some Martha Stewart Aegean blue, low VOC and no odor for this pregnant lady, and an accent pint of Sand-something tan... I cant remember the name of it... But I love the colors! it's made our kitchen so much brighter and it's so cheery! Now I just need to paint the ceiling, because I got a little frustrated and just started rolling along the seam... Brent doesn't like my Morse code on the ceiling. I'm thinking of stenciling something neat on the blank white cabinets, something bright and fun... any suggestions?

Yellowstone National Park

Last weekend Brent and I had the opportunity to take a long weekend trip to Yellowstone and Southwestern Montana. Brent had a job site he had to check on just outside of Cooke City, MT, so we jumped at the chance to take a road trip and venture someplace new. Brent had actually been to Yellowstone before, so it was just new to me, although he did see places he didn't go before, so it was still fun for both of us. We saw thousands of Bison, hundreds of Elk, 6 river Otters, 9 wolves, 3 large bears with 5 tiny cubs, one Kill where the above bears and wolves fought over the meat, and so many different birds I didn't even keep count. Below is our 5 day trip in just a few pictures. I'll keep the narration through the pictures as simple as possible.

(Below) This is Earthquake Lake, not located in Yellowstone, but on the way there. It was created when an Earthquake happened in the 60's and part of the mountain face fell, creating a huge crater from the force of the impact. 

(below and above) Brent and I with a waterfall that starts the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, we didnt follow the canyon very much, but this stop was neat.

(below) this Bison was just meandering along the road, not more than 10 feet from our car! about a minute after taking this picture, he walked between 2 thin trees and got stuck... no worries though, he just knocked the tree over and was ok. lol.

(below and above) These river otters were playing just below Fishing Bridge, they had about 5 huge trout on the logs (you can see the remains of one) that they were enjoying for lunch. I think there were 6 otters total.

(below) Brent and Abby playing in Yellowstone Lake... Abby has the leash attached because technically, she is not allowed out of our control at any time in the park. Poor girl had to stay in the kennel or on a leash the whole time. So, the first thing we did when we got out of the park, pulled over and just let her run like crazy! 

(below) Old Faithful!! I was excited to see it, but now that I have, I will admit it's totally overrated.

(below and above) so to make up for the unimpressive display of steam and water we had just witnessed, Brent made me do a hike to the top of a nearby hill, to check out the view of the valley. It was beautiful, and so much more exciting than the geyser lol.

(above and below) There is a Geyser named after us!! woo hoo! oh, and this was at 7:30am, and it was freezing!!! the temp dropped almost 40 degrees while we were there... so I am very much bundled up for warmth.

(above and below) these signs are all over the park, but we saw more of them in the Lamar Valley than anywhere else for the reason below... Bison. They just wandered along the roads, hundreds of them, weaving through stopped traffic, stopping to enjoy a good tasting plant, or say hello to a friend, with no concern for oncoming vehicles. Brent got pretty impatient at one point, and started weaving around the cars that were stopped strictly for pictures... those ones were annoying. 

So there is our trip! We had such a fun time on the road, it was one of the best road trips we've ever taken, and I cannot wait for another long adventure to be presented to us, we would be off in a heartbeat! 

End of summer fun

A few weeks ago on one of our many 100+ degree days, Brent and I decided to take the pup to the river for some fun in the sun and water. Abby loves to swim, seriously, she would stay in the water all day if we would let her, she is truly a water dog. We'll, this time, Brent decided that the heat made it worth jumping in with Abby for a swim. The pictures below will show the progression of his submersion into the frigid mountain run off waters. He took some time getting used to the water temp, about 20 minutes actually, just standing and playing with Abby, before he actually took several deep breaths and dunked in. Abby was so confused!! We dont normally swim with her so you can imagine her excitement when her dad was playing literally in the water with her, she was one happy pup! 

Prepping himself for total submersion

The look on his face is priceless!! pure shock from how cold the water was!

a victory lap or two before getting out back into the hot sun

And just because she is so sweet, I snapped these pics of Lilly sleeping in the grass, using the warm rocks as her pillow

Look at that sweet face! and the lovely weed lol, our garden beds need some TLC :)


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