Saturday, September 25, 2010

15 weeks

Time for our weekly update! This week is pretty neat I think, so many big things are happening! Our babies lungs are now starting to develop, he/she is moving amniotic fluid throughout it's nose and respiratory tract in order to help with development. Our babies legs are now longer than it's arms, and all the joints are working and moving. Also, the eyelids are still fused shut, but they react to light. So, if we were to shine a flashlight on my tummy, the baby would most likely move away from it. Neat! 
This week I am still very tired, but feeling better. I'm also still having headaches, which i'm getting annoyed with. But, Headaches are better than constant nausea I guess. I'm also getting more and more of a belly every week. I'll be sure to post an updated picture in the Belly Shots page. It's getting more interesting trying to sleep through a full night, I cant ever seem to stay comfortable in any one position. I'm constantly rolling from side to side and back to modified tummy, unfortunately I cant seem to move around without waking up. Ahh well, I guess it's just preparation for when the baby comes. Which, I cannot believe, is just a few more months away.

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