Sunday, October 3, 2010

4 months!

My goodness time is flying by!! today I am 16 weeks, or 4 months, however you'd like to look at it. It's been an interesting second trimester so far, full of migraines, fainting spells, and still some food aversions. Yes, I can officially now add fainting to the wonderful list of pregnancy symptoms i've experienced. This past week I was waiting for Brent's oil to be changed in his truck, when the tech asked to go over everything with me... I stood up, apparently too quickly, and no more than a minute late, I was fully blacked out. I somehow stumbled to a chair and sat before blacking out, but dont recall how I got there, or anything he had been saying. it was pretty scary! I had to call Brent to come get me, they wouldnt let me drive, and called my midwife to make sure I was ok, she said it's normal, just another fun pregnancy symptom that affects some women. So now I get to really stay hydrated and eat even more than I was before, to make sure my blood pressure stays up where it should be. Anywho, how about some exciting changes going on this week with the baby?? We are heading into a growth spurt! Which means severe exhaustion for me, and massive weight gain and growth for the little one. 

This weeks fruit is an Avocado, which I think is because of the head to body ratio becoming more human like and less even than past weeks. it's finally growing out rather than just growing. The babies legs are getting longer every day, and it's head is finally starting to straighten out from it's former curled in position. Baby is also developing toenails, and starting to develop hair follicles on it's head, or at least the pattern that the follicles will grow in. I just wonder if our baby will have hair when it finally arrives in a few months... only time will tell! 

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