Saturday, October 9, 2010

17 weeks

I'm feeling movement!! This week has been amazing, usually at bed time it takes me a bit to get comfortable and fall asleep, so in the mean time while i'm laying there looking at the ceiling, I rest my hand on my tummy, and I'm almost positive I've been feeling the baby move :) It's such a different feeling, like butterfly's, or little bumps, but its so much different than any other tummy feelings. I have to be really still to feel it, but I'm pretty sure thats what it is. 

Well, As you can see below, our baby is about the size of a large yellow onion this week. It's acting the same as an onion too, always making me cry! lol, every time I cut an onion, my eyes burn and I well up with tears, spilling them onto the cutting board and all over my sleeves, Brent's had to take over onion cutting duty for the past couple months, because I seem to be much more affected while pregnant. I'm saying it's like the baby because every darn commercial that has something sad, or sentimental, or any sad movies, or even news stories, I cry. I cannot watch Extreme Home Makeover without tearing up at least once. I bawled while watching Little Women the other day (which was probably the 100th time I've watched it in my lifetime, but I still bawled when Beth died, and when Jo cut her hair, so sad!), and I cannot watch any of the ASPCA commercials, or Folgers Coffee commercials without tearing up. It's pretty pathetic, and I can only blame it on the hormones. 

Some exciting things this week. Our babies bones are starting to actually become bone! Up until this point they were a very soft cartilage, like what your ears are, but softer, finally they are starting to calcify and harden, so when it really starts punching, I can feel it for real. The babies umbilical cord is also growing thicker and stronger, and delivering more and more nutrients every day. Woo hoo for a growing baby! 

Last night Brent was looking at me funny, and decided to inform me that my belly now sticks out past my boobs. I thought this was funny to, which is why i'm sharing it. It officially means i'm losing my waist, which is why none of my regular pants fit anymore, even with the nifty Bella Band I have, I don't like the walking around with my pants fully unzipped look, lol, so I've started wearing my maternity pants, which are too big, but they cover me (unless I bend down to get something...) I only have 1 pair so far, so they are getting washed a ton, and i'm wearing leggings a lot. Thankfully it's finally cool enough to start layering, this is helping hide the too big pants, and sometimes my little bump. I wonder what i'm going to do when the cold of winter sets in, I guess i'll just have to buy more pants :) 

Be sure to check out the Belly Shots page this weekend, I'll get another picture today that proves my tummy is sticking out much further now. 

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