Monday, April 30, 2012

Home Sick

Well what a better time to write a post than while snuggling a sick kiddo? Stella picked up a wicked case of hand, foot and mouth virus last weekend while out and about, we've narrowed it down to 2 possible locations, an indoor play place here in Boise that we were at for the Great Cloth Diaper Change, or the fountain downtown at the market that Stella spent two hours with some friends playing in... I guess it's going around Boise like wildfire, it just sucks because we wouldn't normally have gone to a place like that except for the event, and even worse is Brent really wanted to take Stella hiking that day instead, so we couldn't have avoided this entire thing had I not pushed him to go :( I feel so bad! Stell is miserable, rash all over her butt and legs, white pussy bumps on her throat, bumps on her hands and one arm, she had a nasty fever of 102 for almost 2 days... its been fun. The other awesome part? Its SUPER contagious.... So we don't get to go anywhere for at least 10 days, then it can stay in her body and expose others through poop for 2 months after! So every batch of diapers is getting double washed in hot water, then a bleach cycle afterwards to disinfect the washer.... this is going to be awesome trying to keep it from coming back. We've been disinfecting everything... all her toys, clothes, bedding, all our clothes and bedding, the furniture..... everything, and we will continue to do so throughout the week. So for now, we play inside, watching movies throughout the day, trying to get her to eat (which isn't as easy as it should be with a sore throat) and drink, and allowing her to be naked as much as she can be. I'm hoping the sun comes back out so we can play outside this week, but it's chilly today, so we stay inside. If any of you have dealt with this before, i'd love any feedback you have! or home remedies to make this clear up faster?!? I've been a googling fool, but there really isn't anymore to it than letting it run it's course for 7-10 days and keeping her comfortable and happy... great. Since we probably wont have any fun things happening this week, here is a little of what we did last week, before she was sick with a super-contagious-not-so-fun disease.....

Some naked firetruck riding

something was up one night and they were flushing the hydrants, the water was shooting out at an insane rate, and flooded the street and neighbors yard.

the rooster tail from on top of the hill at lucky peak, a closer shot is below...

Abby and brent playing while Stell finished her nap

happy kiddos playing in the mud

I <3 this photo

Her first weekend of real swimming in 4 months!! She was SO happy! 

Love this picture, Stella's mouth covered with mud, and daddy smiling proud :) 

she was loving the water, even though it was freezing!

These trucks were hilarious! We watched them get stuck, the red truck was super cocky and tried to just drive through the river.... and sunk... then sunk some more.... we saw them leave about 2 hours later, covered in mud haha. you can see the tailgate is actually in the mud here... not good. 

Hiking up above lucky peak, Stell's rockin her new kelty pack.
This is the rooster tail created by the blowout up at Lucky Peak Dam, it was pretty impressive! This spout is probably 50 ft tall... maybe more? We were on the highway next to it, but they actually have a road tour that you can get up close for pictures, the line was super long and we didn't feel like waiting. 

Sickie yesterday enjoying her yogurt pop, she loves these things! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1 year photos with NHP

Here they are finally, a month later than I would have liked to post these, but this little girl pictured here has been keeping me super busy! Even now as I type I have her draped across my lap nursing happily and kicking her feet to the blog music, this girl is ALWAYS going haha. I have more photos that i'll share soon, but these are some of my favorites, she was super happy for most of this shoot thankfully, we have more smiles from these pictures than all of her other shoots combined! Nikki did an awesome job, as usual, and we cannot wait to have our family pics taken with her this summer! I'll sit down today and write an actual post, a lot has been going on around here and I feel an update is needed, for me personally, I just need to write. I hope you are all still watching out for posts, I do apologize for not being around very much, I haven't even been able to keep up with my favorite blogs, let alone my own, it's rather sad to me, but that's the life of a busy mama huh. Part of the time issue is that Stella still isn't sleeping well on her own, were working on it, and hopefully she'll start sleeping through the night soon, instead of waking up 3-4 times to nurse... it's wearing on me after almost 14 months without 1 full night of sleep. I keep telling Brent i'm going to leave her with him for 2 nights and check into a hotel to catch up, one day I might actually do it too! 

I LOVE this photo! It truly captures Stella, slight smile, big blue eyes studying all you do, and you can just see the wheels turning in her head, she has this contemplative and sly look on all the time, I love it. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick check in

Once again I'm failing at posting. I get daily reminders from my mom that i need to update, so here's a quick update. Were currently in Seattle for our week long Easter visit. Abby, Stella and I drove over last week and head back Friday, with a stop over in Portland to visit my sister. Brent flew over for the weekend but was back to work bright and early Monday. We miss him a ton but it's nice having time with family. Stell had a wonderful Easter filled with food, family and friends, egg hunts, bubbles, and lots of walking!!! Girlfriend is a pro now, she goes all over, rarely crawls as of yesterday, prefers to hold a finger on longer jaunts, and is getting better and turning and going in a specific direction. It's scary and awesome all at once, I'm always afraid she's going to fall and skin a knee or chin, or take a header into the table, but she smiles when she falls and seems to be aware of the tables and hard surfaces at forehead height. I cannot believe we have a full on walker now, my baby is growing up!!

Stell also traveled like a champ this trip! Abby was as awful as usual, iLife don't think she'll be coming on trips I my car anymore, she does so much better in her kennel in the truck, no issues with her there, but in my car she paces and wants out and tries to break through the gate, I just feel terrible for how anxious she gets, and nothing seems to have worked yet to calm her. we've tried several herbal remedies and treats and I'm really thinking that a tranquilizer is needed. Poor pup. At least I know stell is getting used to he long trip, thank goodness!

I have pictures from stellas 1 year photoshops with nhp, they are amazing as always. I'll get them posted soon, hopefully tonight. And I'll try to post more often also, I hate when the crickets start singing on here ;)


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