Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick check in

Once again I'm failing at posting. I get daily reminders from my mom that i need to update, so here's a quick update. Were currently in Seattle for our week long Easter visit. Abby, Stella and I drove over last week and head back Friday, with a stop over in Portland to visit my sister. Brent flew over for the weekend but was back to work bright and early Monday. We miss him a ton but it's nice having time with family. Stell had a wonderful Easter filled with food, family and friends, egg hunts, bubbles, and lots of walking!!! Girlfriend is a pro now, she goes all over, rarely crawls as of yesterday, prefers to hold a finger on longer jaunts, and is getting better and turning and going in a specific direction. It's scary and awesome all at once, I'm always afraid she's going to fall and skin a knee or chin, or take a header into the table, but she smiles when she falls and seems to be aware of the tables and hard surfaces at forehead height. I cannot believe we have a full on walker now, my baby is growing up!!

Stell also traveled like a champ this trip! Abby was as awful as usual, iLife don't think she'll be coming on trips I my car anymore, she does so much better in her kennel in the truck, no issues with her there, but in my car she paces and wants out and tries to break through the gate, I just feel terrible for how anxious she gets, and nothing seems to have worked yet to calm her. we've tried several herbal remedies and treats and I'm really thinking that a tranquilizer is needed. Poor pup. At least I know stell is getting used to he long trip, thank goodness!

I have pictures from stellas 1 year photoshops with nhp, they are amazing as always. I'll get them posted soon, hopefully tonight. And I'll try to post more often also, I hate when the crickets start singing on here ;)

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