Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She's graduated!

So I know this happened back in June... I'm a little late. I finally got the pictures from my grandparents (our camera battery died... always happens!) last week and am now finally able to acknowledge the fact that my beloved little sister is done with College! Pam graduated from Central Washington University on June 7th, 2008! We drove over to Ellensburg for the weekend and were so happy to be there to celebrate with her! Brent's parents and brother also made the trek over to celebrate with our family. It was so great having everyone there, and Pam was so excited to be done with College!

Pam and her roommate Jen, Who also enjoyed the end of college that day! Oh, and the wind blown look is courtesy of the Ellensburg Climate, Wind with a touch of sun... They couldnt even throw their caps without them blowing away!

my proud parents and the graduate!

Roomies and best friends celebrating with a toast!
I am so proud of her! and Jen :o)

Both Pam and Jen were fashion merchandising majors with minors in business. Jen had these sweatshirts made just for them, with their majors on the back. It was so fitting and they were so adorable.


We Love Visitors!

A couple weekends ago I had a great long time friend of mine, Nicole, stay with us for the weekend. She lives in Colorado, and we dont get to see each other much. So when she called and told me she would be driving through Boise on her way to Washington, to pick up her new puppy, Duke, I was very excited! Duke was just about 10 weeks here, he was a great houseguest! Abby loved having a new friend for the weekend. They had such a great time playing and chasing, we went on a big walk, which was alot for such a little guy, and even Lilly didnt seem to mind having another puppy in the house.

below: Abby and Duke checking each other out

Duke loved to jump on Abby to get her to play rough back, they were so cute!

Lilly hung out on top of the dog house most of the evening, just observing the new pup that was invading her home.

just another playing picture, they were having so much fun!

Hopefully we'll be able to meet up with Duke again sometime either camping or on our own trip to Colorado to visit, I'm sure Abby would love to see him again, and i'm sure he'd love to play when he gets to be more her size!

just a pic or two....

Ok, Ok, I know we said we would not post any of the pics of Brent's deer on here, but he is just too excited and these pics are somewhat tame... so enjoy, and skip this post if you'd rather not see his deer.
The deer was in full velvet, which means it's horns were still growing.

Brent propped the deer up for a photo-op. This was before he had to pack this guy 2 miles out! He probably weighed 250-300 lbs.
Brent is still complaining about how much his legs hurt from packing this monster out! It took 2 trips back to carry out the meat, each trip he carried around 100lbs.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

a little update

So I know it's been a couple of weeks, nothing huge has happened. We've been finishing small details on the house, like fixing some of the caulking, and the lights are up and working :o) I took a quick trip to Seattle last weekend while Brent went in search of his first big buck, ever. He didnt get that buck, but his brother, Dane, got a doe, so at least they didnt come home completely empty handed.
This weekend I spent saturday morning with a good friend, Nikki, and her two adorable kids, Ellie and Colton. We went to the market and shopped around a bit, then had a picnic in the park while Ellie played. It was great getting out and enjoying time with a friend, I feel like the end of summer is here, and I might not get to enjoy those things much more before winter comes. It's been a beautiful weekend! the temp is finally starting to drop a little, it's been in the 80's for the last couple days, but the sun is still shining, and at night it's cooling down enough for us to open the windows and not have the AC going constantly.
Some big news from this weekend... Brent got that Big Buck he was hoping for!! I got a text last night of the evidence, a 4x4 in velvet, with small eye guards. He shot it from 55 yards and the deer was facing him. I still get mixed feelings over his hunting, or killing things. I love that we'll have yummy, healthy meat for the season. But I still dont like seeing the animal, especially after he had to quarter it up to pack it out! I dont like the blood, or seeing the face, it's just sad and creepy still to me, and he made me take some pics of him with the head, so i've been tramatized slightly by that. I do love the fact that it's an early season deer, which means the meat is going to be sooo tender and not at all gamey yet! I was thinking of posting some pics, but they are slightly graphic, so i'll leave them out, but if you'd like to see Brent's first big buck, let me or him know and we'll send the pics your way :o)
Elk season starts next weekend, September 1st. I cant believe it's September!! This summer has gone by so fast! So our labor day weekend will be spent in Deadwood, Idaho (kinda fitting name huh?) which I love. There is a lake up there that is great to fish on and float around on if it's still warm enough. We usually camp on the river, Abby loves being right on the water, and I love that there are less bugs! Hopefully he tag's out early next weekend, but we'll see, he wants a big bull this year, it's all about the big guys I guess :o) I'm just happy with meat in the freezer. i'll keep you all posted on the outcome. Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Great Huckleberry Trip

This weekend we were invited on our first Huckleberry picking trip! We went with the Hoover family, Dan, Nikki, Ellie and Colton, and their dog Sadie, also one of Abby's best friends. We had such a great time! We drove up to Sagehen Resevoir with some of their friends, Mike and Rachel, and their new 6 week old puppy Roxy. It was so great getting up out of the heat for the day, and just spending time with friends!

Above: Brent throwing the stick for Abby and Sadie, their favorite game!

Sadie and Abby(right) retreiving the stick together... this happened several times

Such great teamwork!

Getting kisses from Abby

Mike taking Roxy into the water for the first time, she actually enjoyed it we think!

The boys hanging out at the lake

All of us (Minus Nikki, she's behind the camera) after a long day of berry picking!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

This weekend is my parents 25th wedding anniversary! They were married 25 years ago on August 1st (yesterday actually, but something happened and I couldnt post this on time). They have been the best parents I could have ever asked for. I've learned alot about love from them, my dad never let us leave the house without his girls knowing how much he loved them, we never hang up the phone without an 'I love you' from both of them, and I still catch the adoring looks they give each other, so cute. They are celebrating with a trip to California (yes, it's for a race....) but it worked out that they would be in beautiful wine country, with lots of rich history and beautiful scenery. I hope they have a wonderful trip, and I am so thankful for my wonderful, adoring parents! I love you both!

Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!


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