Friday, February 17, 2012

11 month photos

I'm been pretty horrible about the monthly photos as of late, but for 11 months i'm proud to say we got them done! It has been pretty awesome outside lately, so we actually took the little green polka dot chair out and Stell actually sat in it long enough for me to shoot some quick pics, before she slid out and resumed chasing the cat, at least I got a few right? I'm so excited for next months photos! I need to call and book a family session with Nikki VERY soon!!! Oh, and pardon the dirty legs, we were crawling around the yard exploring :) 

And she's over it. She saw Lilly and took off after her. Girl loves her kitty.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

11 Months and growing!!!

Sorry i'm a few days late, we have a busy 11 month old on our hands :) 

Stella Jean,

You are just a few weeks away from no longer being a baby, technically you will be a toddler very soon, but you will still be my little baby for a long time to come. This past month has been yet again, full of firsts! You popped through your first 2 teeth!! FINALLY! It took a good week full of fussing, pain, snuggles, and lots of sleep, but you now have two tiny little teeth at the bottom of your mouth. They are so cute! and sharp! Thankfully you have yet to bite me with them, you still curl your tongue around my nipple while nursing so it's protected, but i'm sure when those top teeth come through I'll get to experience a little bite or two, or three... 

You still are not super sure of walking, but soon, I think you're close. You'll stand there staring at us, and walk holding one finger of ours, but you dont like this too much, you'd rather hold both hands and run, you'll learn to be confident on your own soon enough. We've even been out walking around the back yard a lot lately with the beautiful weather we've had here, you love stopping to pick up leaves and grass, and always follow Abby around the yard if she's out with us. 

We get out on walks almost every day now, or at least every other day, we have to take Abby for 20 minute walks 2-3 times a day for her rehab on her knee, but that doesn't always happen... were trying though! You love walking with her, either wrapped up on my back, or in the stroller (where you hold your hand out to touch her the whole walk...). I'm sure one day you'll love actually holding onto the leash yourself, that's still a long way out, she pulls too much, but you'll be trying soon i'm sure. 

You are a signing pro! well, sort of. You do "all done" all the time. Tired of shopping? *All done*. Tired of being in your carseat? *All done*. Done eating? *All done* it's pretty hilarious. Daddy and I ran into a friend at Barnes and Noble the other day and after a few minutes of chatting your hands shot up and started waving while you bounced in daddy's arms.... you were over it, haha. You also ask for "more", banging your fists together usually while full of food. "Dog" is another one you know, you pat your leg when you hear a dog bark, then you bark back haha, it's pretty adorable, if we ask you about dogs, you bark, i love it. You have done a few others randomly, like Airplane,eat, cracker, milk, mom, thank you... I think they were accidents but I took them as the sign intended. You love the baby signing time DVD's, we watch one with breakfast most mornings (so mom can eat too!) and you love them, You move your hands and arms and bounce and dance along, you love them. You also clap at everything now, if you hear applause on tv, you clap, if someone says Yay!, you clap, anything really, you clap, it's adorable. And waving "hi" and "bye bye" is a big thing, you wave all the time.

Speaking of dancing, when you hear music, or anything with a beat, you're dancing! I love it, you sometimes even bend over and bob your bootie up and down, it's hilarious! We love to dance around the living room and make up songs, and if you hear music in the background of anything, you're moving.

You are also talking more now, You clearly say dada, momma, hi, yay, abs (abby), kiggy (lilly), and not so clearly say a few other things that we are trying to figure out still... You chatter all day long, having conversations with myself, dada, abs, lil, anyone who will listen really, you just chatter who you are comfortable with.

You are pretty temperamental, which can be both good and bad. You have been very moody lately, and i'm not sure if it's your teeth moving, or needing another nap time (you have been trying to drop down to 1) or what, but if you dont get what you want, it's tantrum city! You fling your head back, whail, scream, kick... it's awesome. you've even done it at the grocery store when I put you in the cart... again, awesome. But mostly you are pretty great, it's only a few torturous moments a day that you have melt downs, and it's usually because you are tired or hungry... so we lay down to nap and nurse and you are a happy girl again.

A few nicknames right now:
Munchkin (daddys)

Some of your favorite foods right now are:
Tortellini (you devour them!)
noodles of any kind
puffs (still a favorite snack)
potatoes, all kinds
chicken nuggets
broccoli (seriously loves this stuff, even raw)
yogurt (shared with daddy most of the time)
olives (black, like your daddy loves)
ritz crackers (complements of daddy)
pan dulce (mexican sweet breads)
any bread really
and many more that i'm blanking on right now...

You are about 30 inches tall, and 22lbs, from our measurements. And you are wearing 12 month onesies and 18 month pants, you have long legs like your mama!!We think you're eyes have settled into a grayish/blueish/ brown swirled color, they are beautiful, you are beautiful and so uniquely you, I love you. Stella we are so thankful for such an amazing little girl, even when the gremlin comes out, you are still an incredible little human to be around. We are so thankful to have you in our lives, and are so lucky to be your parents! Happy 11 Months baby girl, we love you!

Momma and Dada

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The little FINALLY has a tooth!! This past week has been a nightmare! No sleep for baby or mama, lots of Ibuprofen... for baby and mama. Lots of snuggles and tears wiped away. And what do we have to show for it? A shiny, SHARP little pearly white!!! Finally!! Actually, it's sort of translucent still, there is only a tiny bit showing, it's still working it's way up, but at least the initial cutting through the gums is over. Thank goodness! Stell was doing so well with sleep, naps, temperament and everything up until a week ago when this little bugger started working it's way through her poor gums. Now were going to have to work on sleep again, it's a constant battle, but she WILL sleep through the night soon {or so I keep telling myself...}. Were also working on getting her to sleep longer in her crib. It's right next to our bed, up against it even, but she wont sleep more than an hour or two in there usually. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Co-sleeping with her, and I will tell anyone and everyone what a wonderful thing Co-sleeping has been for our family {to each their own right?}, but she's now to the stage where if she wakes up, she doesn't cry out to let me know, she just sits up... and she's not quite able to climb off the bed unassisted. So, i'm afraid she's going to take a tumble and hurt that beautiful new tooth of hers. So, she's napping more often in the crib, and thankfully she's getting more comfortable in it. We're still putting her to bed nightly in it, but when she wakes up she sleeps the rest of the night with us in bed, which is just fine with us for as long as she wants to, we both love it {Yes, even Brent is all for co-sleeping, thankfully}.

Brent's parents came to visit this past weekend, we always enjoy their visits and are so happy they could make it out here! This weekend Brent is going fishing with a friend, so my sister is flying out to spend 4 whole days with Stell and I! I am stoked!! She hasn't been out in a few months, and we never get much time to hang out over Christmas, so it will be nice to spend some time with her, Brent and I might even get a date night, yay!

I don't have any pictures of the illusive tooth quite yet, I've only seen it once or twice myself, but i'll be sure to post them when I do. For now, enjoy some other deliciously cute photos of the little causing some trouble around here, a new constant.

not so happy after a few minutes in the snow... she wouldn't keep one glove on either.

much happier inside with a snack

we caught the wild animal!!

playing in Abby's cage, an every day occurance

she loves her Abby


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