Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The little FINALLY has a tooth!! This past week has been a nightmare! No sleep for baby or mama, lots of Ibuprofen... for baby and mama. Lots of snuggles and tears wiped away. And what do we have to show for it? A shiny, SHARP little pearly white!!! Finally!! Actually, it's sort of translucent still, there is only a tiny bit showing, it's still working it's way up, but at least the initial cutting through the gums is over. Thank goodness! Stell was doing so well with sleep, naps, temperament and everything up until a week ago when this little bugger started working it's way through her poor gums. Now were going to have to work on sleep again, it's a constant battle, but she WILL sleep through the night soon {or so I keep telling myself...}. Were also working on getting her to sleep longer in her crib. It's right next to our bed, up against it even, but she wont sleep more than an hour or two in there usually. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Co-sleeping with her, and I will tell anyone and everyone what a wonderful thing Co-sleeping has been for our family {to each their own right?}, but she's now to the stage where if she wakes up, she doesn't cry out to let me know, she just sits up... and she's not quite able to climb off the bed unassisted. So, i'm afraid she's going to take a tumble and hurt that beautiful new tooth of hers. So, she's napping more often in the crib, and thankfully she's getting more comfortable in it. We're still putting her to bed nightly in it, but when she wakes up she sleeps the rest of the night with us in bed, which is just fine with us for as long as she wants to, we both love it {Yes, even Brent is all for co-sleeping, thankfully}.

Brent's parents came to visit this past weekend, we always enjoy their visits and are so happy they could make it out here! This weekend Brent is going fishing with a friend, so my sister is flying out to spend 4 whole days with Stell and I! I am stoked!! She hasn't been out in a few months, and we never get much time to hang out over Christmas, so it will be nice to spend some time with her, Brent and I might even get a date night, yay!

I don't have any pictures of the illusive tooth quite yet, I've only seen it once or twice myself, but i'll be sure to post them when I do. For now, enjoy some other deliciously cute photos of the little causing some trouble around here, a new constant.

not so happy after a few minutes in the snow... she wouldn't keep one glove on either.

much happier inside with a snack

we caught the wild animal!!

playing in Abby's cage, an every day occurance

she loves her Abby


modern Suburbanites said...

these photos are so adorable! what a cutie!!


Rachel said...

Adorable pictures!
Yay, congrats on the new tooth!! I'm so eager to see when Lillian will finally get hers...the poor baby has been teething for a long time!


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