Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Love Zulily!

Just thought i'd share that Svan Highchairs are on Zulily today! This is the chair we have for Stell (bought it on craigslist to upcycle) :) and we LOVE it! It's a huge space saver and cleans up so easily! It's also very sturdy and looks great! She loves it. I ordered an extra cushion, and i'm contemplating ordering the play table set for her birthday gift... we'll see. If your not already a member, follow this link and we'll both get a credit! sweet!!

I also ordered this to hang in her room, 

Happy Shopping!!


Kara said...

Bah, I always see the ad for Zulily but never actually check it out. I suppose I'll have to get on that today!

Mrs. Mama said...

ME TOO!!! ahhhh its the greatest!


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