Tuesday, January 3, 2012

well i'm back

This month has been pretty busy, as you can probably gather from the crickets chirping on my page. I backed up 2 weeks ago and drove to Seattle for the holidays with Stella and our pup in tow. My sister was kind enough to fly over and drive with me, While Brent was headed the opposite direction to a jobsite in Wyoming. We were a week early to Seattle, but I was thankful for the extra time with family. We had such a wonderful time at home, It really makes me miss my family when we get back, but we'll probably never move back to that area, too many people, and Boise is just too wonderful to leave for now. I thought i'd share a few highlights from our trip, it was pretty great;

~ Stella mastered going up stairs, and even tried to go down a few without falling, this one will be a work in progress for awhile. 

~ I got a chance to catch up and spend some much needed time one on one with many friends and family, including a day of baking with my grandma, who also taught me a few more crochet stitches and how to read patterns. I'm working on my first pair of slippers :) 

~ One of my Christmas gifts from my dad was a new laptop!! a Dell something... i'm still figuring it all out... and it's bigger than my old one, so i'm relearning to type lol. bare with my typos if I miss them. I'm so excited to have a windows 7 computer! Now I can have the blogger dashboard on my hard drive to upload and design new blog posts.

~ I also got a new handbag from my mom and sister, i'll post a pic, but it's this Chloe bag, i'm in love!! 

~ Stella has become a bit more confident with walking!!! I'll post more about that in a catch up 9 month post...

~ Brent and I got to take a quick lunch date one afternoon while Stella napped and my sister watched her, we didn't get to do what we had originally planned, but it was still great to just have some alone time with him, we need to find a sitter here to allow us that more often, I miss dates with my hubby. 

~ I also got to spend some alone time at the spa with my sister, mom and a friend. We booked massages and pedi's at the downtown Gene Juarez salon and spa, it's amazing. I havent felt so relaxed in months, We plan to do it again at Easter, but hopefully this time I wont be away from Stella for 5+ hours. 

~ I made Advisor status with Advocare while away!!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! If you havent checked out my Advocare link on my sidebar yet, do it! You owe it to your health to check out these products! And, the 24 Day Challenge is on sale now, this NEVER happens! order through the banner on the main shop page to get the discount. I'm currently doing the Herbal Cleanse and have lost 4 lbs, and I feel incredible! So much more energy, and I just feel great! 

We had so much fun while home, Brent got to spend some time fishing with his dad and brother, and his aunt, uncle and cousins flew up from California for the week, it was so wonderful to spend time with them! We spent a fun day in Seattle, chowing on Hom Bow and other yummy foods at the market, I wish I could order hot hom bow to Boise whenever I wanted it... like right now. 

We'll be home for awhile now thankfully, no trips planned, and no visitors for a few weeks I believe. It'll be nice to stay home and get things back in order, our house is a mess!! I did a huge shopping trip yesterday to make sure we had food again, lol, coming home to an empty fridge on new years day with no delivery nearby is not fun. 

I hope you all had a wonderful 2011, I know we did!! Here's to an even more fantastic 2012!!!

Christmas morning, 2011


Kara said...

So excited for your new Chloe bag! And what in the world is Hom Bow?!

Rachel said...

Sounds busy but fun! Wow, walking! Can't wait to see more :)


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