Monday, January 16, 2012

pardon my cleanup

I'm working on taking all of our Christmas decor down around here but it's taking me longer than I'd hoped, so please bare with me. Stell has been napping somewhat sporadically, which means I'm hardly getting housework done, let alone any blogging done. Also, our pup Abby had a pretty big knee surgery on Friday morning, so she's cooped up in a kennel in our living room for the next 8 weeks, poor girl! She had the TTA surgery and we are so thankful for how things worked out, she actually qualified for a study that a local emergency and specialty vet is doing and we saved almost half the amount of the surgery! I cannot believe how lucky we were to have qualified, and also that the surgeon happens to be the best in Idaho and the surrounding area. Abby is on the mend now thankfully, her surgery went well, and her leg is nice and swollen and purple, but she already wants to be up and playing, it's amazing how much different she is from just a few days ago. She blew her ACL/CCL back in November and has been limping around in pain since, it was so sad, we were just trying to get through the holidays before having the surgery. So for now, we're holed up at home, baby not sleeping, Pup in pain, and only a few loads of laundry getting done a day, it's going to be a long few weeks around here, but we'll make it through :) I'll hopefully get the blog back to normal soon, but until then, enjoy the adorable photo card I posted for Stella's birthday below, she turns 1 is just a few weeks!!!!! EEEEKKK!!!

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