Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 months and growing!

Stella Jean,

You are 10 months today!! I actually cant believe i'm getting the chance to write you this letter on your monthly birthday! It's been a VERY busy few weeks, and you have grown so much! You are now using a push cart to assist with walking, and will stand on your own with no help from daddy or I, soon you will take steps and be on your way without us. I cannot believe you are almost walking! You're a pro at climbing, you love stairs, climbing daddy and I, up onto the bed or couch, all over Abby, even your highchair has had it's attempts! We are already talking about building a tree house for you to use in the near future... several years into the future. You are becoming more adventurous in everything lately, not just climbing, but with food, bath time, being away from mommy, and many other things!

Foods you love right now,
Beans!! LOVE LOVE LOVE beans, you devour them.
Puffs are still a top choice when you're just munchy hungry.
Olives, which is something new, you ate a ton from your daddy the other day and we had to stop giving them to you until we knew how you reacted, all's well with olives!
Bread, any kind of bread really, pizza crust is a big hit usually
Pasta, noodles are so much fun to eat and play with!
Pan Dulce, Mexican sweet breads are probably one of your favorites, they were actually the first thing you signed for ever! you asked for "more" pan dulce and I couldn't have been happier to give it to you!

Oh yea, that's another new thing, signing!! You ask for "more" now! Not always, but if you really want something you'll start hitting your fists together and smile when we give you what you're wanting, its so wonderful to know what you're asking for! I *think* I've seen you sign milk also, but i'm not quite sure, I do know that when I show you the sign you fling your head back towards my breast with mouth wide open, you know what you want! you are getting better at the few words you know, Da. Momma. Abs, kiggy, we hear them often now and I'm more sure that you know what you're saying. You wave hello and bye bye, it's adorable, and people get a kick out of it wherever we go, especially you're favorite bankers! You have a special friend at the bank actually, Carly, she adores you, and the other day hung out with you while mommy took care of some things, Carly crawled around with you and the next thing I knew, you were squealing with laughter!!! Sounds I had never heard you make! All over some silly pen on one of the girls desks, it was a wonderful sound to hear! I'm so thankful to have people all around us and everywhere we go who love and adore you!

You are becoming more independent every day little miss, and we cannot wait to see what else you learn this month! i'm sure your next months post will include highlights from you're learning to walk, more words, more signs, and playing! I cannot wait to explore more of this world with you, and to watch you absorb things through your big bright eyes!

Daddy and I love you baby girl, Keep smiling your big smile with those big bright eyes,
Love, Mommy

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Kara said...

This is too cute! I love that she signs! I have no intention of getting pregnant anytime time soon, but I already have the book "Baby Signing for Dummies." I think it's such a fantastic idea!


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