Thursday, January 5, 2012

9 months and growing

Stella Jean,

You are 9 months baby girl!! Well, you have been for a few weeks, but with the holidays and traveling, i'm a bit behind on this post. You have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few weeks! You are now literally into EVERYTHING! I had to re arrange the bathroom cabinets to make them baby friendly (i'm ok with you getting into things in certain rooms), and we've also had to stop keeping water in the house for Abby and Lil, you just seem to have a little honing beacon for that darn water bowl! You are *kind of* walking, with help, and a neat wooden cart that you got for Christmas from Abuela and Opa. It rolls a bit to fast for your little legs to keep up with, so we still have to hold on and slow it down, but you love to go! Always the mover, you're also now climbing everything... stairs, couches, out of the tub, the entertainment center... nothing seems to stop you. Going down on the other hand is still something you've yet to master, one day soon i'm sure.
Things you've mastered this month:
*taking your diaper off, you think it is hilarious to pull off your velcro diapers... and then leave them in your dust while you crawl down the hall naked.
*climbing, you're a pro! You can climb from the floor, onto the ottoman, up onto the back of the couch, you're going to love trees :)
* eating, you love food! You've had so many new foods this past month, More berries, blue and black along with your favorite raspberry; seasoned potatoes, pork, chicken, different breads, top pot donuts, barley biscuits,
* growing! You moved up to 12 month clothes and some 18 month pants!! you are so long! at your 9 month well baby check up you were 20.8lbs, and 30 inches long!! 75% for weight and 90th% for height :) We also moved you up to a convertible car seat! your head and feet were sticking out of your infant seat, so we thought it would be safer to move you to a Britax boulevard (taller back for tall babies) and you're pretty happy with it! You're never a fan of being put into either carseat, but once strapped safely in, you're content.
* Talking! Were pretty positive you've said your first words! You now say 'Dada' 'Ab' 'ma' and I think i've heard 'kiggy' aka kitty... but we're not sure on that last one, it may just be an excited squeal whenever you see Lilly.

You are doing so much these day Stell, and every day you look more and more like a big girl, a little human, you no long look like a baby, but more and more like a toddler! I cannot believe we are quickly approaching your 1st birthday! We love you baby girl!!! We cannot wait to see what these last few months bring!

Love, Mom and Dad

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