Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We have New Couches!!

Last week Brent and I finally went out and did some furniture shopping... the plan was to buy some couches in time for Fridays Gonzaga game, but the ones we loved were not in stock... in fact, we were told they wouldnt be in for several weeks, they had to be ordered to Seattle, then delivered here to Boise. So we were being patient, when on Monday we got a call from Mor, asking when they could deliver our couches! So here they are! We are so excited to finally have couches of our own, that we picked out, and we love, as you can see below :o)

(Above) Brent and Abby loving the new sofa

Brent getting some love from Abby

Our new Loveseat!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deck Demo

Finally! Our deck project has been in the works for some time now, so finally, this weekend Brent and I spent all day Saturday ripping out the remaining top half of the deck. We didnt realize how rotton the deck was, so when the boards started falling apart with one hit of the hammer, it was a bit more fun. I spent the morning drilling out all the screws, yes, every screw came out of the deck, well, the ones we could get. We also found out that below the deck was a concrete slab, and that the deck was built with railroad ties holding it up... very scary to think about. We have half the deck still scattered about our back yard, which will be recycled on Monday, and we'll finish cleaning it up, lay down the gravel, and start the new deck this coming weekend! We're so excited!

(Below) The concrete slab had about 2 inches of dirt on it, from years and years of who knows what..

Anniversary Trip to Sun Valley

Brent and I were lucky enough to make it out of Boise for the weekend after our Anniversary. We headed up to Sun Valley to enjoy the snow for one last time, we hope. We stayed at our favorite little bed and breakfast, the FeatherBed Inn, where they love dogs and are always so welcoming. We enjoyed a great dinner at the Ram, in Sun Valley Village, met some new friends over the Gonzaga game in the lobby lounge at the Sun Valley Inn, and checked out some new places we hadnt been before in the area. It was a great weekend, and we cant wait to go back this summer!

(Above) Brent and Abby enjoying the snow

(Above) Abby couldnt get enough of the snow, although she kept falling through into the deep parts, she had a blast running and jumping in it!

(Above) A beautiful view of the mountains around our hike

(Above) Brent and I out in the valley where we went snowshoeing

(Above) my first time snowshoeing! I loved it, we had so much fun, until it started raining, then we called it a day and went for hot cocoa.

'09 Steelhead trip #2

Hi, It's Brent. My second and last trip of the year was another doozie! Between 3 guys there were 24 fish caught, and 15 kept, in two days of fishing. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather the whole weekend, even though the day before we arrived, chunks of ice were flowing down the river! The biggest fish of the trip was 18lbs, caught by the oldest one on the trip, Jason's dad, Mike.

(Above) A good colored Hen

(Above) Another good colored Hen

(Above) One of the bigger Bucks from the trip

(Above) Thats a good lookin fish box right there

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 years already!

Happy St. Patricks Day! Today is a very special day for Brent and I, We were married 2 years ago on this very day! The past two years have been wonderful, we've had our up's and down's definately, and we've only grown stronger from them, but we've learned so much more about each other, and us as a couple, and I'm so thankful for our relationship. We are excited for the years and anniversary's to come, and cannot wait to start our next adventure!

Here are some of our favorite shots of our wedding/St. Patricks day Celebration!

(below) love this pic of my sister holding our shamrock cups and enjoying a glass of green beer
Brent's mom Beth was fantastic and got us this shamrock candy for our candy bar, it was perfect!

one of our favorite pics outside on the lawn, it was so bright and beautiful!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kitchen projects

Over the weekend, Brent was gone fishing, and I decided to work on a few projects around the house that we've been putting off for awhile. I finished painting all the newly trimmed out windows, and they look great! I'm so excited to have them all finished! Now we can hang the blinds and curtains!

Another project I decided to take on was something we've debated about for awhile, a backsplash in the kitchen. So, I went to Lowes, asked a ton of questions, looked at every single tile they had, and picked one out that I fell in love with. After thinking more about it, I'm not sure it's something we want to do, we love the tile, we just dont know if they really fit in with the kitchen, or if it will be too much... so i'm going to post some pics, and would love your opinion on them, feel free to comment or email Brent or I with your comments. (ignore the tape) :o)

Last but not least, Here are a few pics from the last week or two of miss Maggie, the little girl I nanny, She loves Abby, and love Brent, and always ham's it up for the camera :o)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

Brent and I thought we could get through this season without any significant illness... we were wrong. We both started feeling kinda crummy last week about Wednesday... then thought the worst of it came this weekend, we'll, today thankfully I got off work really early, and was able to come home and take some meds to help kick this icky cold, but it's not helping that much. So I sit here suffering a terrible cough, stuffy and runny nose, aches and exhaustion, while Brent is already on the mend. I really hope summer gets here soon, I think the back and fourth of the weather we've been having is what caused these super colds, we've had random snow in the middle of sunny days, then it's gone and sunny again, and it was 20 degrees this morning! after record highs in the last two weeks, we get record lows this week, weird.

On a better note, while Brent and I were trying to ignore our sickness this past weekend, we were able to get some much needed maintenance done around the house! Brent fixed our failing fence for the umpteenth time, replacing a few missing boards that Abby took out while chasing a squirrel. I pruned 2 of our bushes out front, the really big one, and the small one we thought was dead... it's not dead! i'm so excited! the branches were green! woo-hoo! we transplanted it from the back yard, and Brent injured the base root with the shovel, it was split, and didnt grow for over a year, but now it's green, so I think i'll fertalize it and love it and hope it grows! This weekend i'll go out and trim the rest of them, but the one big one took over an hour, and gave me a blister!

Spring is finally almost here, and were so excited to finally get back to working on the house, new deck, new fence (sometime I hope), new grass and yard! I'm really excited to be able to use the backyard, and i'll be sure to take lots of pics during the construction process.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This weekend we were able to get together with our great group of friends! We try to get together often, but it was extra special this weekend because Angie was down visiting! I had the kids fair this weekend, so Ang, Marci and Annie helped me with the booth all day, what a great group of friends! After the show Jannette was amazing and made us all dinner at the Mascorro's house! Then it was off to the Bullshead pub in Eagle to watch the Dualing Pianos! it was louder than I expected, and crowded! but we had a great time! I'll post those pics a little bit later.
(below) at the Mascorro's house for dinner

(below) at the kids fair


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