Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

Brent and I thought we could get through this season without any significant illness... we were wrong. We both started feeling kinda crummy last week about Wednesday... then thought the worst of it came this weekend, we'll, today thankfully I got off work really early, and was able to come home and take some meds to help kick this icky cold, but it's not helping that much. So I sit here suffering a terrible cough, stuffy and runny nose, aches and exhaustion, while Brent is already on the mend. I really hope summer gets here soon, I think the back and fourth of the weather we've been having is what caused these super colds, we've had random snow in the middle of sunny days, then it's gone and sunny again, and it was 20 degrees this morning! after record highs in the last two weeks, we get record lows this week, weird.

On a better note, while Brent and I were trying to ignore our sickness this past weekend, we were able to get some much needed maintenance done around the house! Brent fixed our failing fence for the umpteenth time, replacing a few missing boards that Abby took out while chasing a squirrel. I pruned 2 of our bushes out front, the really big one, and the small one we thought was dead... it's not dead! i'm so excited! the branches were green! woo-hoo! we transplanted it from the back yard, and Brent injured the base root with the shovel, it was split, and didnt grow for over a year, but now it's green, so I think i'll fertalize it and love it and hope it grows! This weekend i'll go out and trim the rest of them, but the one big one took over an hour, and gave me a blister!

Spring is finally almost here, and were so excited to finally get back to working on the house, new deck, new fence (sometime I hope), new grass and yard! I'm really excited to be able to use the backyard, and i'll be sure to take lots of pics during the construction process.

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