Wednesday, September 2, 2015

and baby makes 4!


Sort of.

When trying to unregister my domain names this week and getting extremely frustrated with Google Apps, they don't make it very easy to login and cancel auto renewals do they, I decided to take a look back at this sweet little blog I used to be so fond of. A lot has changed since my last post in February 2014, and I thought i'd post some updates as to what's been going on with us.

We welcomed our second sweet baby girl Finley Mae Norris on June 21st, 2014, and it's been incredible ever since. She arrived on a Saturday night after a full day of hustle and bustle, a hike, the farmers market, a visit to the chiropractor, and a beautiful little girls birthday party, at which I was contracting from the minute we got there. We called the midwives on the way home to let them know I'd been contracting for about 2 hours and they were increasing and getting closer. We were told to check back around 9pm, as they were with another mother who was laboring much longer than I had been. This was around 7pm, and we headed home to prep and wait out contractions, things moved pretty quickly. We called around 8:45 to let the midwives know they should probably head over soon, that my contractions were less than 4 minutes apart and increasing in length and intensity, all good things! They headed over immediately and within 45 minutes we had a midwife and birth assistant at home with us prepping for a baby to arrive. We called over our neighbor to come watch a movie and snuggle with Stella, as things were too intense and she was way too excited to go to bed, she wanted to meet her baby sister that night!! We were still waiting on a second midwives arrival when I started to feel intense pressure to push, and with my waters still intact, I moved to my safe spot, the same safe spot I loved when in labor with Stella, the toilet, haha. It was just sooo comfortable to sit and relax everything and not worry about what was happening, just focus on getting through the back to back contractions, focus on my breathing, Brent's hands on my back, Stella's excited smiling face peeking at me from across the hall, she also came over and gave me a big hug and kiss at this point, and told me how much she loved me and how excited she was, I love her so much for this. I had been feeling the need to push for some time, and the second midwife finally arrived a bit after 10pm, so they set up the birth stool for me to move too when I was ready. I made my way back down into our living room, sat down, and began to push. I remember it being maybe 5 minutes, but Brent says it was longer, not much, but it wasn't only 5 minutes haha. My bulging bag of waters started to slide out with Finley's head, and broke as soon as she slid out of me, pink, pissed, and so so beautiful! She arrived just after 11pm, and was immediately placed on my belly, started nursing within minutes, and was just happy as can be. Stella came out to hold her for a minute, and then daddy finally scooped her off to sleep. The midwives stayed with my until around 3am, when they packed up and headed back to the other mother in labor. It was such an incredible experience giving birth at home, I wouldn't have traded it for anything, and wish I could do it just one more time. Finley has added so much love, light, laughter, and so much more to our family, we couldn't imagine life without her.

More to come soon :) 


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