Saturday, August 28, 2010

11 Weeks!

Since we were out of town last weekend, I missed the 10 week fruit post, it was a prune, nothing too exciting. Nothing like this weeks fruit comparison... a bright green lime! Our baby is now about 1 1/2 inches long. It's head and body are approximately the same size currently, but that will continue to change as the body grows. The babies fingers and toes are no long webbed, and have started to separate into their own individual digits. There are also tooth buds beginning to form in the mouth under the gums, and little finger and toe nails are starting to form. Some bones are even beginning to harden into cartilage, which I think is pretty cool! Baby is also moving and wiggling around like crazy, and since the diaphragm is beginning to develop, it may begin hiccuping often from now on. Right now I cant feel any of this movement, but I should be able to in the next month or two. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby is Growing!!!

I love hearing our babies heartbeat!! Yesterday was my 10 week appointment, but I was only actually 9 weeks 5 days. We met with our new midwife and I adore her! she was so great, very personable, cracked me up, and Brent even really liked her! We were supposed to have just a little meet and greet, but since it was my first appointment with her, she wanted to hear the heartbeat and make sure things were going well. So she broke out the doppler and searched. and searched... and searched..... and couldnt find the heartbeat. but, not to worry, it turns out my uterus is just deeply tipped back (facing my spine almost) and the baby is so deep in there that her little doppler couldnt find it clearly. So we got to have a tummy ultrasound! which gave us this beautiful picture below! The ultrasound tech even had to push pretty deep into my abdomen to find the heartbeat, she left an indent, lol, but there was our little person, heart beating at 176 BPM!! It was so fast! 

So I thought the picture below might help some to see where the baby actually is. I know the picture isnt very clear, it's scanned from the picture they gave us, but even that picture wasnt too great to begin with. so I've marked where the head and leg buds are below. The legs are just starting to form and split, the are not so much a little tail anymore, but they are not the legs that we are used to seeing yet either, still a couple of weeks to go before those are fully formed. The baby will be doing alot of growing in the next couple of weeks. Apparently there is a huge growth spurt from weeks 10-13, so i'm expecting to be much more exhausted and hungry than I have been. I've also finally stopped losing weight! yay! I'm not back up to what I started at, but i'm not dropping anymore either, thankfully. 

Our next appointment wont be for another 4 weeks, which will go by quick i'm sure, but we wont get to see the baby again for awhile. By then my uterus should be tipped back up and in the correct spot, so our midwife should be able to hear the heartbeat with a Doppler. We should be able to find out what our little person is around week 20, I cant wait! I just hope these next few weeks go by quick!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love being pregnant....

I have to repeat the above statement several times to myself throughout the day. I really do love being pregnant. I just dont love all of the fun extras that come with it. Morning sickness in particular. I've found that B6 is my new best friend, and that little bottle is always in my purse. 50mg/twice a day seems to do the trick for the most part, but there are times that it's just not enough. It comes and goes, which makes eating out an adventure, and packing for a trip seems impossible when I have no idea what foods i'll want to eat or wont be able to stomach. thankfully, I've been able to eat something, anything, which is better than I was doing a few weeks ago. Still no meat, at all, lots of fruits and veggies, and still lots of pop tarts, lol. foods that I used to think were horrible to eat, I want, like Taco Bell, and the above mentioned pop tarts, so not healthy for me, but it's all I want or can stomach. I keep telling myself... just 2 or 3 more weeks of this, and it's over.

The above picture is from the 9 week mark, which was Saturday. It goes by so quick, really, the first trimester is just about over, just a few more weeks then i'm in the middle part of this adventure. The baby is actually considered a fetus now, It's been upgraded from Blastocyst to Embryo, and now to Fetus and that is pretty awesome I think. I've been getting the food pictures weekly, which show us that our baby is about the size of a Kumquat, or large Green olive. I'll try to do a better job of getting on here weekly to update baby comparisons in food, and eventually i'll start adding belly posts, but those wont be for awhile I hope. Right now, i've lost about 12 lbs, which is not something I expected to do with pregnancy. But, some of my pants are still getting tight! it's so weird how things shift and my belly has hardened in just a few weeks. I would never have thought that something the size of an olive could make my tummy feel so tight. But thankfully I can still wear most of my clothes.

Interesting tidbit that my dr. told me, did you know a womans body in the first trimester of pregnancy is working harder than a training olympic athlete?? that why were so darn tired all the time! Bring on the gold metal!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We have an announcement...

This is probably one of the most exciting words on a stick we've ever seen! PREGNANT!!! Such a beautiful word! Brent and I are expecting! We found out several weeks ago, and this week we were blessed to hear our babies heartbeat and see our little wiggler! It has been an amazing couple of weeks, and we are so excited for this miracle to grow big and strong and for our little baby to arrive in just a few months! 

This is our baby!!! It's 1cm long, about the size of a blueberry right now. The little blueberry was dancing and wiggling all over in there! it sure was excited to be alive! The heart was beating about 136bpm, it was so fast! and it sounded like woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh, amazing! I wish I could have taken an audio of it! 

So far things have been going great! I've had my fair share of morning sickness, i'm exhausted all the time, and experienced heartburn for the first time in my life last night, it was so uncomfortable! But if it means a healthy little bundle of joy, I'll take all of it!

We are so excited to be parents! and our parents are so excited to be grandparents!! This is the first baby in the family, and Brent realized tonight that this is the first baby in their "sac" family as well, which he was very excited about! This is also the first great-grand baby for both of Brent's grandparents!! what an amazing first this baby is going to be! We will be sure to post more pictures as we get them, and I'll be updating how i'm feeling and eventually how i'm growing. No bump yet really to report. I've actually been loosing weight since I've felt so sick, but my Doctor said this is totally normal and to expect to loose a few lbs more over the next couple of weeks. Awesome.

So the countdown begins. The end of next March will be very exciting and will bring a new baby to our home! We cannot wait to meet this little person!!


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