Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby is Growing!!!

I love hearing our babies heartbeat!! Yesterday was my 10 week appointment, but I was only actually 9 weeks 5 days. We met with our new midwife and I adore her! she was so great, very personable, cracked me up, and Brent even really liked her! We were supposed to have just a little meet and greet, but since it was my first appointment with her, she wanted to hear the heartbeat and make sure things were going well. So she broke out the doppler and searched. and searched... and searched..... and couldnt find the heartbeat. but, not to worry, it turns out my uterus is just deeply tipped back (facing my spine almost) and the baby is so deep in there that her little doppler couldnt find it clearly. So we got to have a tummy ultrasound! which gave us this beautiful picture below! The ultrasound tech even had to push pretty deep into my abdomen to find the heartbeat, she left an indent, lol, but there was our little person, heart beating at 176 BPM!! It was so fast! 

So I thought the picture below might help some to see where the baby actually is. I know the picture isnt very clear, it's scanned from the picture they gave us, but even that picture wasnt too great to begin with. so I've marked where the head and leg buds are below. The legs are just starting to form and split, the are not so much a little tail anymore, but they are not the legs that we are used to seeing yet either, still a couple of weeks to go before those are fully formed. The baby will be doing alot of growing in the next couple of weeks. Apparently there is a huge growth spurt from weeks 10-13, so i'm expecting to be much more exhausted and hungry than I have been. I've also finally stopped losing weight! yay! I'm not back up to what I started at, but i'm not dropping anymore either, thankfully. 

Our next appointment wont be for another 4 weeks, which will go by quick i'm sure, but we wont get to see the baby again for awhile. By then my uterus should be tipped back up and in the correct spot, so our midwife should be able to hear the heartbeat with a Doppler. We should be able to find out what our little person is around week 20, I cant wait! I just hope these next few weeks go by quick!

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