Thursday, November 27, 2008


We hope everyone had a wonderful and thankful turkey day!!!

Brent and I had a great Thankgiving this year... it was sad to not be home with family, but we were so lucky to be able to spend it with some very dear friends, the Andersons! Josh and Marci were some of the first friends we met when we moved to Boise 2 years ago, and they have become more like family, they are such wonderful people! Brent woke up early and went hunting with Abby, while I loaded up the ham, sweet potatoes, pie, and stuffing and went over to their house early this morning. It was such a great day, very relaxing with lots of football, a great game of foosball, and lots of anxious turkey watching. We are so very thankful for all of our great friends here in Boise, but extra thankful for those friends that we share holidays with, this was our second thanksgiving with Josh and Marci, and we hope to keep this new tradition in years to come!

Brent and I are now off to Sun Valley for the rest of the holiday weekend, where we hope there will be snow, lots of dowtime, hiking, and good food at the bed and breakfast we will be visiting.
i'll post some pics when we get home. and were so excited to share that we will be home in just about 3 weeks for Christmas!!! Time is just going by way too fast!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Fall is definately in full peak right now! I know this from the million leaves covering our backyard... and by the 7 bags of leaves we filled just in the front yard! The air finally has that all day crisp chill to it, you can see your breath until about 10am most days, and it's getting dark REALLY early! Brent calls this peak duck hunting season... I tend not to agree, but he's still getting his early morning hunts in, Abby just loves it too much :o) Holiday festivities are starting all around us. Earlier this week Brent and I went and saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it was a great experience, the light show was intense, and a little hard on the eyes at some points, dont go if you have any sensitivity to light, Brent ended up feeling kinda sick from them, but the music was great, and it's something I had wanted to see for a few years now, so that was great.

We also went and saw the newest Warren Miller ski film last night. It was such a fun night! We met up with Brent's boss, Mike, and had a great time, he's a huge ski bum too, so we have fun in winter. The movie was great, a little more tame than past years, but still inspirational, and definately brings on the excitement for ski season! We are hoping to take several weekend trips this year, I need a lot more lessons still, but hope to take them on a weekly basis here in Boise, at Bogus Basin. It will take alot for me to get comfortable skiing with Brent, he's just so much more experienced, but I look forward to a great season.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some ways to give back over the holidays

In my effort to go green and help our dying environment, I always am looking for new ways to cut energy use, drive less, shop online instead of heading to the mall, etc. In my latest effort I followed a list from my Glamour magazine, which has 31 days of giving (each day has a different website link that you can follow to help out our world and enviornment. So, after checking a few of them out, I thought I'd share my fav's :o) This site is the best Green site i've found! you can calculate your carbon footprint, and they give you feedback on how to reduce your impact, you can also donate a calculated amount to sort of make up for your footprint, but making changes is a great way to start... I found out I owe $107... from all the round trip flights i've made this year!!! oops! What a great way to empower women! Jewelry and other things made by survivors of sex trafficking all around the world, they have christmas stuff and proceeds go to their rehabilitation and also teaches women new trades and helps them start over in life. Winemakers out of California created this line, where 50% of proceeds go to support several causes, including Breast cancer research, Autism, AIDS, The Planet and our troops! buy a bottle or subscription for a great christmas gift!! I love this one, and hope to help out as much as I can. Sign up in your community, then raise funds or ask your friends to help out with buying items that your classroom really needs. It helps out the students, but also the teachers, who so often buy much needed supplies out of their own pockets. give donations to help a community get water in developing countries, $20 can give one person clean drinking water for 20 years!!!

These are just a few of the many sites they have listed, i'll continue to check them out and update if I find some other good ones... I'm sure they are all good, but I cant list them all!... or can I???

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a BIG day!!!


Today my little sister turns 23! WOW, I feel like I was just 23...and getting married... and living in Idaho... how time fly's! I am so proud of my little sis and the life she has started to build for herself. I cant wait to see what becomes of her and be there to support her as she acomplishes her many dreams and goals! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!

Tonight, November 4th, 2008, also marks another incredible milestone. Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States! Living in Boise, I felt strong as a supporter of the Obama/Biden campaign, knowing I am surrounded by McCain supporters might have helped my drive, but there is something about this town, the energy, the people are amazing, and I have truly felt connected to this election. After an amazing night at the Idaho Caucus this past summer, I had such a passion to get out there and support this campaign. My neighbors took notice of the signs in our window, sparking sincere conversations that might not ever have taken place, and I found new friends in fellow supporters that I would never have know otherwise. I am thankful for this election, because I believe in Change, I believe our country is finally on the right track with this elected president, and I cannot wait for our future and to see what Change can bring!

I cannot leave without a special note for a special little boy... Matt, one of the little boys I nanny for, turns 5 today! We had a special birthday with him on Sunday, Brent and I got him the greatest, most annoying present a 5 year old could ever wish for... a duck call. :o) He always loves to play with Brent's duck calls, walking around the house with them and playing outside with Abby, blowing them at the top of his lungs. I know his parents appreciate the added noise, just as much as I do during the day with them, but it was what he repeatedly asked for, and Brent loved the idea of encouraging him to hunt :o)


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