Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some ways to give back over the holidays

In my effort to go green and help our dying environment, I always am looking for new ways to cut energy use, drive less, shop online instead of heading to the mall, etc. In my latest effort I followed a list from my Glamour magazine, which has 31 days of giving (each day has a different website link that you can follow to help out our world and enviornment. So, after checking a few of them out, I thought I'd share my fav's :o) This site is the best Green site i've found! you can calculate your carbon footprint, and they give you feedback on how to reduce your impact, you can also donate a calculated amount to sort of make up for your footprint, but making changes is a great way to start... I found out I owe $107... from all the round trip flights i've made this year!!! oops! What a great way to empower women! Jewelry and other things made by survivors of sex trafficking all around the world, they have christmas stuff and proceeds go to their rehabilitation and also teaches women new trades and helps them start over in life. Winemakers out of California created this line, where 50% of proceeds go to support several causes, including Breast cancer research, Autism, AIDS, The Planet and our troops! buy a bottle or subscription for a great christmas gift!! I love this one, and hope to help out as much as I can. Sign up in your community, then raise funds or ask your friends to help out with buying items that your classroom really needs. It helps out the students, but also the teachers, who so often buy much needed supplies out of their own pockets. give donations to help a community get water in developing countries, $20 can give one person clean drinking water for 20 years!!!

These are just a few of the many sites they have listed, i'll continue to check them out and update if I find some other good ones... I'm sure they are all good, but I cant list them all!... or can I???

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Ty and Kelly said...

Jessica - thanks for posting those links! I found them to be very interesting and I'm looking forward to possibly ordering from some of them this Christmas!


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