Friday, November 14, 2008


Fall is definately in full peak right now! I know this from the million leaves covering our backyard... and by the 7 bags of leaves we filled just in the front yard! The air finally has that all day crisp chill to it, you can see your breath until about 10am most days, and it's getting dark REALLY early! Brent calls this peak duck hunting season... I tend not to agree, but he's still getting his early morning hunts in, Abby just loves it too much :o) Holiday festivities are starting all around us. Earlier this week Brent and I went and saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it was a great experience, the light show was intense, and a little hard on the eyes at some points, dont go if you have any sensitivity to light, Brent ended up feeling kinda sick from them, but the music was great, and it's something I had wanted to see for a few years now, so that was great.

We also went and saw the newest Warren Miller ski film last night. It was such a fun night! We met up with Brent's boss, Mike, and had a great time, he's a huge ski bum too, so we have fun in winter. The movie was great, a little more tame than past years, but still inspirational, and definately brings on the excitement for ski season! We are hoping to take several weekend trips this year, I need a lot more lessons still, but hope to take them on a weekly basis here in Boise, at Bogus Basin. It will take alot for me to get comfortable skiing with Brent, he's just so much more experienced, but I look forward to a great season.

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