Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've never been one to partake in actually writing down resolutions to hold myself accountable, but this year i'm feeling different. I feel strong, confident, and like I can accomplish anything (well, almost anything). So, I thought i'd put it all out there, write my resolution for 2012 so I would have people to hold me accountable. Will you help hold me accountable?? I'd also love to hear your resolutions if you have them, lets support and encourage one another to keep our goals, I think all big goals should be a group supported effort. 

My 2012 resolutions:

1. Get to my goal weight, which is my happy weight of 160lbs (yes I realize I just put my weight out there... or at least the weight I want to be) I've only got about 10lbs to lose thankfully, but they are those stubborn last few lbs that have held on tight to my body... I think it'll take some serious workout to get them off. and my happy weight is just exactly that, where I am happy, not too skinny (like I was when Brent and I were married and I was around 150lbs, my arms look scary thin!) but not too chunky (as in where my pants are so tight they leave marks... ouch!). I have already lost all of the baby weight I gained with Stella, plus about 8 more lbs! I am so thankful she is active, which keeps me on my feet most of the day, and also for Advocare's Meal Replacement shakes, which I drink EVERY morning with a scoop of Spark, yum! They have helped to boost my metabolism (like i'm a teenager again kinda metabolism!) and fill me up for breakfast, which has helped me drop the stubborn pounds my body is holding onto. If you are at all curious about Advocare products, send me an email, i'd love to give you more info on it! 

2. Get back into being active. I want to compete in a marathon, or two, or three. I was never a runner, my lungs cant take long runs ( I have sports induced asthma, lame) but I LOVE to speed walk and do intervals (jog, walk, jog, walk, sprint, walk, etc.) I think it would be a huge personal accomplishment to take part in a few marathons, start with a 5k walk, then do a 5k run, then maybe a 10k? I know Boise has a ton of events that span from April-October, I just need to find a few that sound fun and that I might be able to take Stella in the jogger with me, she'd love it. I also want to be able to hike with my husband again without gasping for air or having to have him pull me up lol, it's bad... he can go miles without getting tired, I can barely go a mile... yikes!

3. Organize. Everything. It's a constant work in progress around our home, organizational messes at their finest. We just have too much "stuff". Really, we need a bigger house haha, but since that wont be happening for awhile, I need to purge. We have 3 boxes of donations that need to go out, and many more half filled that are always on the to-do list. It's tough with Stella right now, she wants to pull everything out of the boxes that I put in them, which is fun, I let her do it because it's not a huge priority, but eventually I really need to hunker down and take those boxes out. I know I will be so much happier when my house doesn't feel so chaotic! 

4. Take a family vacation. Just the 3 of us. Brent and I haven't had a vacation alone for a long time, we usually meet up with family, which we love, but we were thinking this year it would be great to go on our own somewhere with Stella. Were not sure where yet, but were taking suggestions! Driving or flying doesn't matter, we just want to explore somewhere fun and new, and preferably with incredible food. 

5. Be successful with my business'. I sell Advocare and use the products and love them. I want to take it further, build a team, and travel to training classes throughout the year. Are you looking for an amazing company to work with, or to get healthy with world class products (Advocare is the only nutrition company found in every professional football locker room), why not join my team? I also sell bulk foods and candy for my mother in law's distribution company, which is so much fun! I love visiting customers around Idaho and attending shows to see new products (but I haven't done that in a few years and probably wont again for awhile). My goal for the candy biz is to have 10 new customers by June, and 10 more between June and December, bring on the coffee and sweet shops!! 

So those are my big goals. I know i'll come up with more later, or little goals that will hopefully lead to my accomplishing the big goals. It takes baby steps, or huge leaps, whatever you're comfortable with. I'll keep you all posted on my accomplishments, and I cant wait to hear your resolutions and goals for the year!!! Happy 2012!!! 

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