Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brent is 28!!

Today is my wonderful husband's 28th Birthday!!! When he and I started dating, he was 20, I cannot believe it has been 8 years since then! So much has happened, marriage, many moves, buying a home, and now expecting our first child. What an awesome 8 years it's been! He's accomplished a lot in his 20's, Graduating from college at Gonzaga University, with his Civil engineering degree. landing a job at a great Geotech firm, passing his EIT exam which has allowed him to practice engineering for the past 4 years, and this month he'll take the P.E. exam, which will allow him to get his own stamp and be a Professional Engineer. I am so proud of my hubby, and thankful for all that he does. He is going to be an amazing father, and our children will be so blessed to have him as their dad. So, Cheers to Brent on his birthday, it's sure to be an awesome 28th year!  

Happy Birthday Brent!!!

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