Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Mornings

I have come to love our Sunday mornings so far this fall. Usually spent sleeping in, lazing around the house for a bit, then off to get Starbucks and donuts for breakfast, yum! So it's only happened this weekend and last, but it's still a fun new thing we've been doing. It gets us up and going for a long day of working around the house. Today is yard work, tearing down the dying garden, and mopping floors, something I've been putting off for a week or two now. While enjoying our coffee (and my chai), Brent has been playing a game on his 360, which includes a lot of yelling and swearing... I'm sure our neighbors think he has some issues lol. Hence the picture below of him, highly focused and on a killing mission. I'm ok with it, cause it gives me some time to post about our Sunday so far. Actually, it was just an excuse to use again and play around with pictures. I love that site!

And here's a cute one of Lil napping, after sleeping all night cuddled up against my leg, this is her new favorite spot I guess, she's been there the past 4 nights. Then she gets up and moves to her other favorite spot, on the throws laying on the bookcase, she snuggles herself in there and is lost to sleep for hours.

Another neat thing that truly proves that fall is here?? The leaves are changing!! and falling, which kinda sucks, but we've vowed to stay on top of mulching and raking this year... not leave them in a huge pile to kill the grass... like we did last year. Our huge tree in the back yard is awesome in the summer for shade, but this time of year it just means constant work. Thankfully it's one of the only ones we have that sheds it's leaves, there are 2 smaller ones up front, but we don't have to worry so much about them killing any grass. We do share another maple sort of tree with the neighbor, but if were lucky, the leaves fall into his driveway :) 

Fall also means I've been able to break out all the fun decor! I picked up the wreath and sparkley pumpkins a couple weeks ago and love them, I might have a hard time switching over to Christmas next month. Maybe they will just have to stay out with the Christmas stuff, a couple of sparkley pumpkins wont hurt Santa's feelings. 

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