Wednesday, October 27, 2010

19 weeks... and a few days

So I realize this is a bit late... I'm technically 19weeks 4 days today, but, better late than never I guess! So big things this week, baby girl is about 9oz now! (i'm adding a few because i'm 4 days past... she's gaining that quick!) If she is growing hair, it's starting to grow now, I do wonder if she'll come out with a full head of dark hair, or be as bald as can be for awhile... I'll stock up on adorable little hats anyways. Her sensory development is growing like crazy for the next few weeks, meaning her eyes, taste buds, sense of smell and sense of touch are all heightening, which is probably why I keep feeling little jabs, shes just getting her feelers down. Also, her ears will become more sensitive, so Brent and I really need to start reading books to her, or playing Mozart, or just cut back on the curse words during video games (Brent!), I keep telling him she's going to come out talking like a sailor! 

It has been requested by some family (Hi Aunt Michelle!) that we start registering and making a wish list, and linking up our wish list items on here so that people can buy from them if they wish. I do not want to be presumptuous, but we've actually had several requests, so I think I will work on another tab that will include links to the baby registry (so far just at Babies R Us online) and also put up a wish list of items that we would love to have, but are not necessarily needed right away. We'll keep it short and simple, We really don't have a ton of room to put things, but a little girl can never have enough cute outfits and warm fuzzy blankets, or adorable clothe diapers to cover her cute little cheeks. 

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