Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of summer fun

A few weeks ago on one of our many 100+ degree days, Brent and I decided to take the pup to the river for some fun in the sun and water. Abby loves to swim, seriously, she would stay in the water all day if we would let her, she is truly a water dog. We'll, this time, Brent decided that the heat made it worth jumping in with Abby for a swim. The pictures below will show the progression of his submersion into the frigid mountain run off waters. He took some time getting used to the water temp, about 20 minutes actually, just standing and playing with Abby, before he actually took several deep breaths and dunked in. Abby was so confused!! We dont normally swim with her so you can imagine her excitement when her dad was playing literally in the water with her, she was one happy pup! 

Prepping himself for total submersion

The look on his face is priceless!! pure shock from how cold the water was!

a victory lap or two before getting out back into the hot sun

And just because she is so sweet, I snapped these pics of Lilly sleeping in the grass, using the warm rocks as her pillow

Look at that sweet face! and the lovely weed lol, our garden beds need some TLC :)

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