Saturday, September 11, 2010

13 weeks

Today I am posting on time, woo hoo!! I'm 13 weeks today. Which means that I'm starting to finally show, I have a little bump. I've been reassured it looks actually like a bump, and not like I'm just getting chubby or had way to big of a lunch. Big things this week... our baby has fingerprints!!! He or she has it's own identifying  feature finally, that no one else in the world will have. What an amazing development! When baby is born, we will have these little fingerprints and their little footprints framed, and hung on the nursery wall. I cannot wait to see his/her little fingers and toes! Our baby is just about 3 inches long, thats quite a growth spurt over the past few days, 1 full inch in a week is a big jump! No wonder I've been so tired and achy. All my energy is going to growing the person inside of me, which I am more than happy to assist with. 

I'm starting to notice my tummy is growing, which means more itchy skin and aches and pains. Sleeping is becoming more uncomfortable, I cannot fully lay on my belly, which is making me sad and restless at night, I love sleeping on my tummy, so I now sleep modified with a pillow under one whole side, so i'm angled up off my belly, this helps me sleep much better. No movement on the inside yet, at least not that I can feel, I do feel twinges more often, but nothing like the little flutters I've been told it feels like. I cant wait for our next appointment, I hope we get to have another ultrasound, if so, I'll be able to update with another fun picture. 

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