Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 Months!

Seriously!?! It's been 12 weeks since this little person started growing inside of me, I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going by! next thing we know we'll have a baby! :) So this weekend Brent and I were at Elk camp up above Donnelly, ID. He is hunting with a friend, (who reads this blog more than most of our family I guess, Hi Jason! :) and I went along because it was a long weekend, Labor day weekend, and I didn't really want to stay home by myself. I did end up having to come home tonight, Sunday night, on my own, because I have to work tomorrow. So, I dropped the boys off at the top of the mountain, and was on my way home. Anywho, that all is completely besides the point of this post! Saturday, while we were in the mountains, our Baby turned 12 weeks! So i'm a day late posting, I feel like I post late every weekend... but, I guess that just means we keep our weekends busy. So this week, our baby is the size of a plum! Which means he or she is now just over 2 inches long! and weights just about a half an ounce. 

A couple of neat things this week, one is that my tummy is finally starting to pop! I have a feeling this means my uterus is finally correcting itself and moving toward the front of my belly, instead of resting against my spine, like it has been. As for the babies development this week, he or she now has intestines! They are growing rapidly, and starting to move inside the babies abdominal cavity, where they will continue to grow as the babies belly grows around them. One of the biggest developments this coming week will be the babies reflexes!! the fingers and toes will begin to move, eyelids will begin to flutter and clench, and our baby will begin to make sucking movements with it's mouth. What amazing feats these will be for our baby!! Apparently, if I push into my abdomen too much, or poke around my tummy, the baby will start wiggling in response to the pressure, but, I wont be able to feel it, That wont happen for a few more weeks still. but, that is something I cannot wait to feel!!! 

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