Saturday, September 18, 2010

14 weeks

I am Finally, Officially in the second trimester!!! Hopefully this means the next 16 weeks will be full of bliss and i'll not have anymore morning sickness, exhaustion, sleepless nights, migraines, or any of the other fun first trimester happenings. This week our baby has made some major milestones. His/Her facial expressions are starting to function!! Our baby can now squint, frown, and grimace, working out it's facial muscles as he/she moves from one expression to another. Also something I've definitely never experienced... the baby can now pee inside of me!! This awesome new happening means the babies kidneys are now functioning on their own, which is truly amazing to me. I am still blown away to learn of individual organs and body parts functioning on their own so early in this babies life. Incredible. Our baby can now also suck it's thumb, and make a fist with his/her hands, which he/she wont even realize they have for another 8 months or so. 

As you can see above from the lovely lemon picture, Our baby is now about 3 and a half inches long, and weights about 1.5 ounces. I'm kinda glad this last growth spurt is over... I'm exhausted! Every time the baby grows significantly during a week, I feel completely drained, and no amount of food or sleep can keep me going for a full day. There are so many more growth spurts still to come i'm sure, but for now the significant ones of leveling off. The baby will grow at a steady pace from now on, and I sure hope that means I get my energy back. I have a beautiful nursery to start putting together. 

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