Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

Last weekend Brent and I had the opportunity to take a long weekend trip to Yellowstone and Southwestern Montana. Brent had a job site he had to check on just outside of Cooke City, MT, so we jumped at the chance to take a road trip and venture someplace new. Brent had actually been to Yellowstone before, so it was just new to me, although he did see places he didn't go before, so it was still fun for both of us. We saw thousands of Bison, hundreds of Elk, 6 river Otters, 9 wolves, 3 large bears with 5 tiny cubs, one Kill where the above bears and wolves fought over the meat, and so many different birds I didn't even keep count. Below is our 5 day trip in just a few pictures. I'll keep the narration through the pictures as simple as possible.

(Below) This is Earthquake Lake, not located in Yellowstone, but on the way there. It was created when an Earthquake happened in the 60's and part of the mountain face fell, creating a huge crater from the force of the impact. 

(below and above) Brent and I with a waterfall that starts the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, we didnt follow the canyon very much, but this stop was neat.

(below) this Bison was just meandering along the road, not more than 10 feet from our car! about a minute after taking this picture, he walked between 2 thin trees and got stuck... no worries though, he just knocked the tree over and was ok. lol.

(below and above) These river otters were playing just below Fishing Bridge, they had about 5 huge trout on the logs (you can see the remains of one) that they were enjoying for lunch. I think there were 6 otters total.

(below) Brent and Abby playing in Yellowstone Lake... Abby has the leash attached because technically, she is not allowed out of our control at any time in the park. Poor girl had to stay in the kennel or on a leash the whole time. So, the first thing we did when we got out of the park, pulled over and just let her run like crazy! 

(below) Old Faithful!! I was excited to see it, but now that I have, I will admit it's totally overrated.

(below and above) so to make up for the unimpressive display of steam and water we had just witnessed, Brent made me do a hike to the top of a nearby hill, to check out the view of the valley. It was beautiful, and so much more exciting than the geyser lol.

(above and below) There is a Geyser named after us!! woo hoo! oh, and this was at 7:30am, and it was freezing!!! the temp dropped almost 40 degrees while we were there... so I am very much bundled up for warmth.

(above and below) these signs are all over the park, but we saw more of them in the Lamar Valley than anywhere else for the reason below... Bison. They just wandered along the roads, hundreds of them, weaving through stopped traffic, stopping to enjoy a good tasting plant, or say hello to a friend, with no concern for oncoming vehicles. Brent got pretty impatient at one point, and started weaving around the cars that were stopped strictly for pictures... those ones were annoying. 

So there is our trip! We had such a fun time on the road, it was one of the best road trips we've ever taken, and I cannot wait for another long adventure to be presented to us, we would be off in a heartbeat! 

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