Saturday, December 4, 2010


Our baby girl has a crib! and her room is so close to being finished! Brent and I tore apart the desk this morning, which was actually quite fun. I loved using the sledge hammer to break it up! until Brent came in and told me to take all the screws out first lol... oops! So, he finished demolishing the desk... I wasn't allowed to touch the hammer anymore. So instead, I hung up our babies girls first outfits! They are so cute! Thanks Mom! She's going to be the most adorably dressed baby girl ever :)

Here is the crib!! We ordered this from Restoration Hardware back in August, so it's been in the garage all wrapped up for the past 4 months, I'm so excited to finally have it up and in the nursery. It really is beginning to come together, I just have a few more things to do, or more of a long checklist of little things, It should make the next couple months go by quick, I hope! 

Lil loves the nursery, she sits by the door each morning waiting to be let in, so cute. 

I picked up this adorable mini chair at TJMaxx Home-goods a few months ago, It's so tiny, our baby girl will be able to fit into it earlier than most of the other kids chairs I've seen. I cant wait for her to sit in here and flip through her books, I realize it's still awhile until that will happen, but it's fun to think about! 

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Colby said...

The nursery is absolutely adorable! And so fun to start putting her clothes away. I remember walking into the nursery (multiple times a day) before Lucas arrived just to look at everything. It's all so fun!


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