Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first Cloth Diapers!!

I just had to share this because i'm so excited! I love, a site that has daily deals for moms and kids stuff. I check it out every day when I get the email of all the new goodies they are offering. This morning I was particularly excited when I opened up that email, Fuzzibuns were on sale!!! Brent and I have fully committed to cloth diapering and were just talking about how we really need to start stocking up on them before baby girl gets here. I have a list of diapers I want to try, I will add it below just for fun, and Fuzzibuns are at the top of my list! They are so cute, and have such fun bright colors, like these 3 I ordered this morning,

Crushed Berries Perfect Size Diaper Grape Perfect Size Diaper 

I am so excited to put these on our baby girl, she is just going to be so cute!! and I am so thankful to have this option, It is wonderful to help out our environment and keep a lot of plastic out of our landfills. Brent and I hardly use our garbage anymore, and we hope to keep that up once baby girl is here, we still plan to recycle everything we can, and will do our best not to be wasteful. So, here is my cloth diaper wish list, I hope I can check some of these off this list before she arrives in just a few months,

Fuzzibuns Perfect fit ~ sizes small, medium, and large ~ any colors and prints, they are all pretty darn cute.
GroVia ~ any of the all in ones or one size,

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