Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 Months and Growing!!!

Today you are 3 months old!! You are growing so fast, and have changed so much in the past 13 weeks! You are such a happy girl now, smiling constantly at mommy and daddy, and even people you meet for the first time if you're in the mood. You squeal with pleasure when you see big smiles or when someone pay you special face to face attention. You are such a chatterbox!!! We sit and talk for hours throughout the day, and if we are distracted, you screech and let us know you were not done with our conversation. I have to admit, you make mommy laugh constantly throughout the day, with your many noises and faces you make, you're one hilarious baby girl. You've taken quite the leap on many levels over the last few weeks. You now wiggle and squirm your way all over the place, using your super strong legs to push yourself up and around on the carpet, daddy and I have to watch you carefully to make sure you don't scoot your way into the couch, or make it too far across the room. You also roll back and forth, from your back to sides easily, and once or twice to your tummy, we're thinking you'll be rolling around the room in no time. We are trying to get you to sleep on your own, for more than a couple hours at a time. Last night you actually slept in your travel crib next to our bed, for 4 hours!!! Mommy was so happy!! Hopefully you'll be going almost through the night very soon, with just one feeding in the middle, that would be perfect! Your body is also now absorbing almost all of the food you get from mommy, which means you have taken to only pooping once every 7 or 8 days... which at first scared mommy and daddy a lot, but now we kinda get it's normal, and you're thing, and you're still growing and doing just great, so were not too worried. You love your bath time, and baby massage every evening. You love to snuggle, love your naked time, and love the mirror. We cannot believe how much you've grown and changed so far, and how fast you're developing mentally and changing physically! We are so excited to see what this 3 month of life brings with you, and what changes you'll make over the coming days and weeks. 
We both love you so very much baby girl, 
Mommy and Daddy

Spending your 3 month birthday on Jayson and Lindsay's boat on the Owhyee Reservoir 

You LOVED the boat!!! And your life jacket, thankfully!! You took several naps, usually lulled to sleep by the jetboat engine and the bumps on the water.

Chillin' with daddy on the boat, you were so freakin' adorable in your little life jacket!!!  Daddy forgot to get a picture of mommy with you, but that's ok, we'll get one soon hopefully. 

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Marissa said...

Man that little Stella is adorable! I am pregnant with number three and Stella is tied with Lola for number one baby name : )


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