Thursday, June 2, 2011

Catching up.... Again...

I'm realizing more and more.... it's tough to blog with a baby! I have sat down to write up a post and download photos several times, but Stella wakes up from her quick nap, or wont let me put her down, or laundry really needs to be switched and folded, which i'll admit doesn't usually happen until we can no longer see the blankets on the guest bed... but you get the idea. I'm sure all of you have been here, struggling to manage the time as a new mom, and not knowing where all the time goes, because at the end of the day, the pile is 3 loads larger, and all I've managed to do was the dishes and take a shower, which I still consider success.

So since once again, the baby needs her mama, daddy needs a break, I will leave you with the most adorable picture I currently have

Stella, mommy and daddy all dressed up for the Garcia 50th Family reunion dinner last weekend. We had so much fun visiting family and introducing Stella to the whole Garcia crew, what a weekend!!!


Kristin said...

Visiting from the Alexa Hop (kelly's lucky) I would love if you could visit me too!

Our Growing Garden

Erika said...

I understand - it can be so hard to catch up on blogging with little ones! Visiting from the Alexa hop! I'm a new follower & would love if you could visit/follow me too! Thanks! Have a great day!

Musings From a SAHM


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