Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Exploring the Owyhee's

Above: Brent and I stopped somewhere in the Owyhee's. It was so beautful, absolutely breathtaking!

Brent taking in the amazing views! This spot was about a 5 minute walk from our campsite, and it was amazing, 300 degree views of the Owyhees.

Abby and I sitting on top of a ridge along our 6 mile Hike

One of the breathtaking views from our hike

My mountain man hubby

I truly enjoy our camping trips now, even when I know that they are more of scouting trips for Brent. I usually end up just trailing him up and down hillsides watching for elk or deer all day... but I have fun. Abby loves it, she could live her entire life on the mountain. This trip she actually was coming back into camp one morning with Brent when I heard him start yelling at her, she ran past going 100 mph. She had seen a Buck in our camp, just walking buy, enjoying his breakfast, she got about 20 ft from it when he realized that Abby was coming after him, I guess she chased him up the next hill and into the woods. Not exactily what Brent wants her to do, but she was very protective and proud that she had chased off some wild animal. Good girl Abby.

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