Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just a little about our babies :o)

This is our family. Lilly is our precious cat, who we adore, she's our escape artist, she can open almost any door in the house just trying to get outside. she can be the sweetest cuddler, or the most feisty attack cat ever! we love her. In this pic we had just adopted Abby, our adorable puppy! She was just about 7 weeks. She has been so wonderful, such a smart dog, Brent's hunting companion, and our lovable 15 month old, 80 lb lap dog. We are so blessed!

Below: Lil loves this spot! she usually is trying to get Abby's tail when she lays here, but sometimes, it's just perfect for a nap!

She also is soo weird! she loves to drink the water out of our cups! she will squeeze her head as far as she can just to barely lick some water up! so funny to watch!

Abby thinks she's people sometimes. This is actually how she sits on the couch if Brent and I are sitting there as well, she just leans on the rest and sleeps, I dont think i've ever seen a dog do this.

Abby sharing a drink from the hose with dad.

Loving the fish mom caught! she just kept licking them. Whenever we go fishing she sits and watches for a line to bob and if you stand up and say something she is right there because she knows you have a fish on, she loves it!!

Abby with her friend Sadie(on the left). We had the pleasure of having Sadie for a week, after Sadie's family watched over Abby while we were in hawaii. They love to just play and get along so well!

Lil in her cave and abby trying to cuddle, this is usually how it is, Abby will lay down with lil and lil will get up and leave, but occasionally she will stay and just let the cuteness happen.

I could not find Lilly for a couple of hours, so when I went to put some towels away, there she was, fast asleep on the middle shelf in the closet, so adorable.

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Dan, Nikki, Ellie and Colton said...

I love the pic of Sadie and Abby. Sadie looks really nervous/aprehensive to be on the couch since the bed is the only place she is allowed at our house. = )

Thanks for sharing your blog! We have one too...

unfortunately I haven't been able to update it as often as I would like. = (


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