Sunday, November 7, 2010

21 weeks and counting

This past week our baby girl must have experienced a huge growth spurt, just look at the pictures in Belly Shots, I've grown a ton! Brent gave me a hug the other day and put his hand on my tummy, and just stared in awe at how big it is getting, and earlier tonight as I was getting ready to go to a friends birthday (Happy Birthday Annie!!!) I called him into the bathroom to show him how my belly had become lopsided! she was pushing out or fully sitting on my left side, which caused that side of my tummy to stick out further than my right. It's so neat seeing the changes she is making to my growing belly.

Some neat things going on this week, our baby girl is starting to give me some full on kicks, I keep feeling strong nudges in my low belly, these nudges will get stronger as baby girl continues to grow. I'm starting to notice she has preferred times of the day that she is active, sometimes early in the morning, and almost every evening right around 5pm. I'm getting anywhere between 5-10 kicks a night usually, which i'm not supposed to start counting for a couple more weeks, but it's hard not to pay attention to how active she is. Brent still has yet to feel anything, but her kicks are getting stronger, so hopefully he'll feel something soon. Another neat thing this week is our baby girls eyelids and eyebrows are forming, they are thin but protective, and will thicken as the weeks go on. 

From here out we may not have weekly updates. New developments are slowing down, and for the rest of this little girls time in my belly she will more or less just be growing stronger, her little features will become more developed, and her organs will continue to grow and be more useful to her body. I'll try to give brief little updates, but I don't think I get pictures weekly now, just every month. I'll still be updating belly shots though, so check back often for new pics of the growing belly. 

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