Saturday, November 20, 2010

23 weeks

She's a mover!! The past week has been so neat to feel this little girl dance and wiggle and punch her way around my belly. My mom was able to feel a couple of really great kicks/punches... not sure which is which yet. and bright and early this morning, Brent was finally able to feel his little girl move for the first time. she woke me up, so I woke him up, and we sat in bed for about 45 minutes feeling her wiggle and move, it was pretty neat. all day today she's been up, I think I've been on the go a little too much for her to nap, so tomorrow were taking it easy.

So, this week and next the fruit comparison is a papaya, pretty good size for our little girl. She's just over a pound now, and about a foot long, at least thats the average, I have a feeling she may be a little longer than average with Brent and I for parents. This week our baby girl's lungs are developing!! They are growing blood vessels and preparing her to be able to breath when she gets here. She's also developing awesome ears now, they are getting more and more keen, and she can probably pick things up like Abby's barks, and when Brent gets home I have noticed she starts going crazy, I think she knows his voice too. What amazing ears she has already.

Brent took a pretty cute pic on his new phone tonight, but, i'll have to update the bump shots tomorrow, it's getting a bit late here to figure out how to send that pic to here and upload it. So be sure to check back tomorrow for hopefully an update of my hugely growing belly.

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