Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working on Stage 2...

I had to share one of Lilly's favorite nap spots, she sleeps here often, but she just looked so darn cute, I had to share today. Perched up on top of one of our bathroom cabinets, thats where you can usually find her during the day, either there or snuggled on the bottom shelf of our bookcase. Wherever she chooses, she always makes it look so comfy, sometimes I wish I could just plop down anywhere to nap like she does. 

Doesn't this look like one peacefully happy kitty??

While I was working in the nursery today, Abby decided to join me, which she doesn't normally do, she liked getting up in the window to see what our neighbor dog was barking at, I managed to snap this pic really quick before she took off down the hall, begging to be let out. That thing they were barking at? a big white cat in our neighbors tree, they made a team effort attempt to get it, but the cat got away. you can also see the days hard work in the picture, I painted the bottom half of the room cocoa! yay! I love how it turned out, although it does need another coat of paint, which we might get to tonight, or tomorrow, we'll see. 

Speaking of paint, this is just part of the top of the table that we've turned into paint central. There are currently 4 cans, we've put 2 in the garage, and several small sample cans sit in the hall and under the table. 

Now for a sneak peak of some of the projects I've been working on for the nursery...

I have a ton more to do in the room, more stripes of various colors, more accents with fun fabrics, and moving stuff out, just so I can fit baby stuff in. Hopefully i'll be able to get the furniture moved in there sometime in December, not sure if i'll make that deadline but i'll sure try! Stay tuned for our nursery progress, It's slow going, but i'm doing my best to have this special room done by the time baby girl arrives in just a few short months. 

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