Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

This is what today shared with us. Snow!! we woke up to cold temps and cloudy skies, and then those clouds opened up and we were able to enjoy fluffy white snow falling all afternoon. This was a particular treat since my mom is here, and every winter she visits she wishes for snow, but never gets any, this year she got her wish. 

Brent went duck hunting with Abby this morning, who has been pretty tuckered out all day since. This is her current position on the couch, unconscious and snoozing peacefully, with occasional little whimpers and kicks from her dreams. I'll bet she had more fun with her dad today than she did all week with me in Seattle, but thats ok, she's a bird dog and is supposed to love swimming through freezing temps over anything else. 

Since today was so snowy and cold, I decided it was a good time to catch up on the nursery projects I put on hold during my trip. These are some adorable fabric frames that I made as wall decor for the nursery. They are so fun and easy, I've had a great time matching colors and patterns and cant wait to see the finished product. 

My mom and I found these adorable felt applique flowers at the craft store this weekend, they go perfect with the bright colors of the fabric I already had. I love the contrast in colors, and think they add the perfect touch to this fun project. 

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