Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Visit with Baby

This morning I was lucky to get another ultrasound at my 34 week check up appointment with my midwife. It was a follow up to the anatomy scan, since baby girl was so wiggly last time, the tech didn't get a great shot of the heart, or measurements, so I had to go back today for those shots, and some fun face time with baby. She loved smiling and showing off to us! Unfortunately, she wouldn't turn, so no profile shots, but we have 2 neat frontal face shots, one is a bit alien like, but she was yawning or yelling or something, so her mouth is wide open, which the tech said was pretty neat to see, not all parents see that. Baby girl was yawning a ton, which we realized meant she was settling in for a nap, she completely fell asleep about halfway through and refused to move any more. 

(below) look at those adorable cheeks! the lower half (left side) of her face, looks blurry because she had her hand and arm resting against it while snuggling up for a nap, I really wanted to get a pic of her with both hands holding onto her face, but the tech couldn't get a clear shot of it, she was so darn cute!

(Below) she has all 10 fingers and toes, here are 5 of those cute little toes. All bones are present, and her little foot was so precious!

(Below) She kept yawning and opening her mouth, and this is the pic we got, she looks kinda like an alien, but I swear thats a baby in there. You can also see a little hand sitting there below her face, off to the left of the picture, she was moving around at this point before falling asleep.

Now for her stats. She's measuring perfect, right on her due date. They approximated her weight at 1lb 3oz, and she's measuring in the 50th percentile on all of her measurements, head size, heart, legs, arms, etc. The only measurement they wont do is length, but she has some long legs and just for a reference, her head is sitting in my pelvis, and her back runs along my left side, with her feet tucked up into my ribs... thats one long baby! 

This was our last ultrasound before her arrival, unless something is wrong, or she is late, but were hoping neither of those will factor into this birth. I cannot believe we'll get to meet her in just a little over 3 months. The weeks are flying by, and with the holidays here, it's only going to go by even faster. 

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