Saturday, November 27, 2010

24 weeks

Just a quick update for week 24. Baby girl is about a foot long now, as stated before if she's anything like her parents, she's already taller than average, but length/height is something the u/s wont measure.By today she should be about a pound and a half, and gaining steadily. She'll continue to gain approximately 4-5 ounces a week from now on, and the last couple of weeks that should slow in her preparation for arrival. She's pretty skinny right now, but with all the weight gain she'll be nice and plump before we know it. Her brain is developing all the crucial things it needs right now, so i'll be upping my DHA intake from here out. Her lungs are also developing the crucial branches she'll need to breath on her own, she's also starting to develop the cells that produce surfactant, the substance that helps her lungs inflate once she's out of my belly and breathing on her own. Her skin is still pretty thin and translucent, but is thickening rapidly in preparation for the outside world. 

I've been having a pretty rough week with all the changes going on inside, She's growing so rapidly that it's causing more growth than I've ever had before, i'll post a new belly shot tomorrow. My back feels like it's been smashed with a hammer continuously for 3 days... or like someone is pulling so hard on my muscles that they are finally starting to separate. I was up last night at 3 am for about an hour, doing some yoga stretches trying to get my back to pop, which it finally did when I reached for my glass of water... Thank goodness! After the self adjustment I was able to go back to sleep (after tossing and turning all night previous to getting up) and get a couple hours rest, interruption free. Oh, and my husband never even noticed I was gone... I hope that changes when the baby gets here. I've been pretty nervous with how severe the back pain was. I was checking all the symptoms of pre-term labor, kidney infections, and anything else related to pregnancy and back pain. So far, I'm thinking it's just muscles moving, but my goodness, I'm ready with any and all other symptoms that might arise after all the research I did. I'm hoping it will pass, as every other pregnancy related thing has, and next week i'll be good as new. Until then, we'll keep an eye on things more closely. Brent said as long as i'm just feeling kinda crappy, thats ok, but if I start feeling REALLY crappy, let him know... Thanks for the love hunny. 

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Rebekah Markley said...

Hey Jess!

I had really bad back pain and told my Dr., she referred me to the physical therapist and I learned my SI joint was outta wack. He gave me some stretches to do and stuff. You should look up SI joint pain and see if it's what you're having.

I'll write you soon!


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