Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday {On Thursday}

Stella had her first taste of food the other night, and? SHE LOVED IT! See that smirk? And the organic brown rice bits stuck all over her face? Yea, it was pretty adorable. 

licking every last bit off her fingers... mmmmm


I thought I'd link up to my first Wordless Wednesday today, hosted by The Paper Mama. I realize i'm a day late, yesterday kinda got away from me, I had this all planned out... and then life happened :) So, at least i'm only a day late, not too bad in my book for blogging.

Happy Thursday!


Delaney said...


Karen said...

Visiting from the Alexa Hop from I stumbled this post, Google +1, and followed you;)

MJ said...

i'm a new follower...and just had to say she is so adorable. i remember when mine started eating food, he was so proud that he got it everywhere! ;)


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