Monday, July 11, 2011

Night Walks to the canal

With the temperature in the low to mid 90's outside now, walks have become more important to us than ever. We usually have to wait until the late evening to head out, and Stella is always draped with a gauzy blanket until out of the sun, otherwise it's a blinding 5 minute walk to the canal for her. But once were down there it's wonderful. Abby loves to swim, it runs in the family I guess, and she's an awesome jumper, with some pretty impressive splashes and retrieves. We have so much fun on our short walks, I really hope one day soon we'll be able to resume the entire 'loop', which is just over 2 miles down the hill, and around the canal back up the hill to our house. I did the loop often during my pregnancy, and walked it every day the week before Stella's arrival, trying to help things get moving. I love the walk, but there is zero shade, no trees, all sun, so it's tough to be out that long in the direct heat, especially for Stella. I think we'll stick to our short evening trips for now. 

mommy checking in on Stell

They were having a 'moment', I love when she looks at him like that.

Just a girl and her dog. This is bound to be one strong companionship between these two, it's love already.

Abby waiting patiently to be allowed into the canal, we make her sit until were close enough to see the water, then she goes charging in, she loves it. 

I love the lighting in this picture, how you can see the sunbeams, I never get this lucky with lighting :)

And now for an awesome sequence of Abby jumping into the water, it's rare that I actually get the launch off the side and the entrance into the water, this is pretty neat (I think) :)

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